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    Kopul Studio Elite 4000b Series Instrument Cable

    "Great cable at an even better price!"
    These are fantastic quality cables at a price that is about the same as entry level cables. I was leery of them, since the price was so low, but I needed to top up an online order to get free shipping, so I decided to roll the dice on them. They are absolutely rock solid cables. I love the mesh outer jacket, which does greatly reduce the amount of coiling that occurs. Love them!
  2. lat reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Breedlove Atlas Studio Bj350/sme4 Acoustic Bass

    "Great sounding bass."
    Great sounding bass. Used mostly for practicing when you don't want to bother with plugging in, but still want to hear yourself. Only niggling detail is the neck developed a bit of a hump where it meets the body at around the 14th fret, due to low humidity. My fault for not humidifying properly.
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    Snark Sn-1x Tuner

    "Does the job."
    These are the defacto standard for clip-on tuners. Why? They are cheap and they work. Are they perfect? No. Sometimes it has some trouble picking up the vibration, but it eventually does and once it does, it seems accurate. Bottom line? It's a functional tool.
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    Traynor Tc410neo

    "Rock Solid"
    I use this in conjunction with a GK RB1001II. This pair puts out a ton of sound. The 4 10's have lots of definition, and the cabinet is tuned to put out gobs of bass tone. Shakes the room. I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about it. 59 lbs makes it relatively easy to lug around. It is very well constructed.
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  5. lat reviewed a Item in the category Cabs and Combos.

    Gallien-krueger Mb112-ii Combo Amp

    "Solid unit"
    Great sound, reasonable price, light weight practice amp that you can gig with, to a point. Got this as an upgrade to an underpowered Peavey 112 combo that just wasn't cutting it. It has a very good tone and does everything I need as a practice amp. I have gigged with this numerous times, since it does have a DI out to feed FOH, and this worked well when I used my Peavey G-bass. But, when I used my Schecter ATX C-4, it had a hard time handling the lows coming out of that bass and would start...
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    Rolls Rpq160 Parametric Equalizer

    "Effective at a great price."
    This unit has no peer as far as price, that I know of. But, price means nothing if it doesn't do what you want. I have gigged with this unit, providing paraeq for a GK RB1001II with a Traynor 410NEO cab. The stage we were on was very boomy and the 4 band EQ on the GK head wasn't zeroing in on the offending frequency. This unit was able to do that so I could get the volume I needed to hear myself without booming everyone else into oblivion. Well done, Rolls!
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    Gallien Krueger Rb1001ii

    "Setting the bar."
    This head is the complete package. Relatively lightweight, all the functionality you need, great tone, reasonable price, rugged. Four band EQ is centered around tones that typically cause issues for bass, so the adjustments feel intuitive. Native tone is clean and warm, but still punchy. I added a paraEQ to the effects send loop to control gig-specific issues, so that in conjunction with the onboard EQ, all bases are covered.
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  8. lat reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Schecter Blackjack Atx C-4

    "Black Diamond"
    Great playing bass. The only small quibbles are that an active / passive switch would be nice to have. Also, the forearm cut out could be larger, for greater comfort, but that's really minor. Neck feels great, tone is great, looks great! For some reason, Schecters are very popular with the metal crowd. Might have something to do with the 16" radius fretboard. But, I don't play metal. Makes no difference to me. This is a great bass. [ATTACH]
  9. lat reviewed a Item in the category Accessories.

    Rolls Pm351 Personal Monitor System

    "Solid unit that just gets the job done."
    Got this to mix MP3 with an instrument to a headphone out for practice purposes. Works very well for that. Also has a mic input. This can also be used for creating a personal mix onstage so that you can use IEMs without having to plead the sound guy to tweak your mix. For practice purposes, it would be very nice to have a power switch instead of having to unplug the adapter jack when not in use. The use of jumpers instead of standard switches for options such as mono/stereo or lift/ground...
  10. lat reviewed a Item in the category Accessories.

    Phil Jones Bass H-850 Headphones

    "Good sound and very comfortable"
    Bought these since my pair of Shure 440's were sounding mushy in the low end. Bass response is full and very well defined, which is critical when practicing and needing to pick out the nuances of played notes. These are very lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Because of this, some may feel that the build quality is flimsy. So far I have had no issues with build quality, but I have been treating them carefully in a strictly at home practice environment.
  11. lat reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Zoom B3

    "Good solid unit to do what you need."
    This is the first and only effects pedal I have purchased. I bought this in 2015, shortly after joining a band where I needed an all-purpose pedal for gigs. Specific effects were needed for certain tunes, a tuner and mute were needed at the mic, and this fit the bill. The overall build quality is good, but some of the small push-buttons don't engage very well and you have to be careful how you push them in order for them to work. The dials and stomp buttons are solid, though. The effects...
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