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Reviews by LHbassist

  1. LHbassist reviewed a Item in the category Pickups.

    EMG Original Precision Bass Pickup

    "EMG Original P-bass Pickup"
    Wow... what to say... I have one of my own custom made five strings equipped with two EMG 40 J's, the full BQS system, a PA-2 preamp booster, and 18v power. There is absolutely NO shielding whatsoever in the cavities, and it's the quietest bass I own! I really wanted to try an EMG P-bass pickup in one of my basses. Even though I have been moving away from active pickups in my new builds... This experiment has amazed me. The output of this pickup is beyond strong. I had a bit of trouble...
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  2. LHbassist reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Zoom B-3 Bass Effects and Amp Simulator Pedal

    "KILLER multi effects unit"
    I had an anvil case with a Radial Tonebone Bassbone, a Korg Pitchblack tuner, a Boss Chorus, and a Digitech Bass Synth. I used a Power strip, and a 9v power supply with many output plugs, and a bunch of patch cables to connect all of them together. Even with the best cables and 1/4" phone jacks money can buy utilized, this SMALL pedal board was as much of a problem as dating a hot redhead. I had to frequently repair the connecting cables, even though none of them were ever touched. It also...
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  3. LHbassist reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Tascam Cd-bt1 Bass Trainer

    "Obsolete, and deservedly so"
    First one, on/off switch broke. Then, the CD door pins broke. Got the second one. CD player stopped working. I actually disassembled the older one, and swapped the CD drive to get it working again. This is a terribly made product that I truly wanted to like and use. Do what I did- either give it away, throw it in the trash, or if you're smart- believe this review and avoid this chunk of waste product. Just plug your sound card output into a mixer, turn down the bass on the source channels,...

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