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Items from Low8

  1. Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

    Analog tube amp modeler pedal. You craft your rig by choosing your amp, your cabinet and your microphone placement.
  2. JHS Pandamonium

    The Pandamonium is two pedals in one -- JHS' 4 Wheeler Fuzz on side with an SVT-style preamp on the other.
  3. Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass EM-FS

    Ukulele-style bass guitar with rubberized strings and built-in tuner and electronics
  4. PIgtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor

    Easy to use optical compressor pedal with a dirty effect
  5. Palmer Bass Pocket Amp

    Preamp... headphone amp... effects pedal... direct box. All in a footswitchable box that can be powered by a battery or an adapter.
  6. GHS Roundwound Double-Ball End Steinberger System Light (40-58-80-102-126)

    Stainless steel roundwound double-ball end strings for basses that use the Steinberger system
  7. D'Addario NYXL Long Scale Super Light 40-95

    Steel hex core with nickel-plated windings
  8. Nordstrand NP4

    Precision Bass-style split-coil pickup with Alnico V magnets
  9. T.C. Electronic BG250-112

    250-watt, Class D, 1x12 bass combo with built-in effects that you upload with your smartphone!
  10. Henretta Six Speed

    custom multi-effects unit

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