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Reviews by mb94952

  1. mb94952 reviewed a Head in the category Heads.

    Swr Baby Blue Ii

    "BIG SWR tone in a small package. Possibly their best amp ever ?"
    I am a HUGE SWR fan. I am loyal. I never understood how great tone can be in or out of style, but I do understand how some brands are so distinctive that they can sound dated. SWR tone is timeless to me. I own many different SWR heads and cabs. My SWR Baby Blue II head gets the most of my attention for a few reasons. 1. It's lightweight and portable. Weighs less than 20 lbs. It's around 14 lbs I think 2. Iron transformer. No class D "fake tone" here. It's the real thing. Just like the...
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  2. mb94952 reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    '06 Peavey Cirrus CS (custom shop)

    "Peavey Cirrus - The BEST boutique bass for the $$"
    [ATTACH] The bass guitar has undergone some serious changes over the last 60 years or so. Fender Precision bass is the Model A of basses. It was the blue print for everything to come then and after. Some people still swear by it. It's sound is legendary. Then, in 1969 Alembic changed the game by inventing active electronics. This was the Rolls Royce of basses. Enter 1996 and the start of the Peavey Cirrus designed by Rich Lasner. It came into full production in 1998. It had elements of MTD...

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