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Reviews by Rod Ajusta

  1. Rod Ajusta reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer

    "Underrated pedal (but likes to be combined with others)"
    I purchased the Ibanez TS9B secondhand and normally had the settings set to high to even register that it was making an impact on the sound coming from the bass. After having played with it on my ever growing pedal board for about a year to provide a very mid heavy muted fuzzy farty overdrive, I decided to purchase an Empress Multidrive that was going cheap, so the Ibanez was sacrificed and sold. Just before it was sold, I discovered the sheer joy of the sound when combining an Aguilar...
  2. Rod Ajusta reviewed a Item in the category Bass Guitar Strings.

    D'addario Ecb81 Xl Chromes Flatwound Bass Strings

    "Great on Ibanez Fretless"
    After purchasing a secondhand Ibanez SoundGear neck through fretless bass I decided to clean it up, set it up and provide it with new strings, even though the feel of the previous ones felt really good. I purchased some Steve Harris signature rotosounds -130s, but they required the setup to have a high string clearance and were quiet ‘floppy’. I searched around for the string type that the bass came with, using only my knowledge of the colour coded beaded ends as my guide (this was my...
  3. Rod Ajusta reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Mxr Bass D.i.+

    "Buy it just for the colour switch"
    I started playing bass 6 years ago. I now have 9 basses and over 20 pedals of which I have weeded out the average ones through research, buying and selling. When I first started looking at bass gear, the knowledgeable bass guy at the music store said he has only 2 or 3 main pedals now and one was the MXR M80 Bass DI. He said he only uses it for one thing really - the colour switch. I have found his advice to be sound, for if I want a bass to sound like I want it to - I just press that little...
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