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  1. SamuelSandoval reviewed a Head in the category Heads.

    Mesa Boogie Subway D800

    "Powerful Micro Head"
    I tested a D-800 a few weeks ago and was very impressed. In simple words it blows away the competition. The best micro I've played.
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  2. SamuelSandoval reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-300

    "Best tuner"
    I created this Gear Review because I want to share what an amazing product the ST-300 is. It is incredibly fast, accurate, easy to read, easy to use. You're not stuck with 440. You can preset custom tunings. It's amazing. It does cost more than other tuners, but the price doesn't even reflect the product. I would pay more for it if I had to buy it again. This tuner is the best tuner I've used. Every other tuner simply comes second to it.
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  3. SamuelSandoval reviewed a Item in the category Bass Guitar Strings.

    Sadowsky Blue Label Nickel 5 string set

    "Awesome tone, tension, and life!"
    Tone is natural, not zingy, and unlike other brands these strings sound good from the beginning. They don't require breaking in to kill the "excess brights". The tension and feel are perfect for low action setups. From the G to B, every string is consistent. Some brands can vary on their string's tone, these are... consistent. The price is actually a bit on the cheap side. I'd pay much more for these strings. They certainly don't last as much as Elixirs, but IMO the tone is much better...
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