Items from staccatogrowl

  1. Gotoh Res-o-lite Gb350 Bass Tuners

    Light weight electric bass guitar tuning machines. Accurately advertised as a possible remedy for neck dive. Excellent overall function, as well.
  2. Gator Pro Go Bass Gig Bag

    The Gator ProGo bass guitar gig bag has thick interior padding to provide a more rigid feel than standard gig bags. It has several handles, adjustable backpack straps, and convenient pockets. A micro-fleece interior has a removable 2" bottom bumper. It adds extra protection and shock absorption, but is removable for an extended-scale bass, accommodating extra length. The interior headstock area has a heavily padded neck rest to help protect neck and headstock. The interior also has...
  3. Radial Jdi 1 Channel Passive Direct Inject Box

    The Radial JDI passive direct box is the Jensen transformer version of Radial's single-channel DI. The passive design helps to eliminate 60-cycle ground loops, and is a good match for active basses. Some features: Full-range passive direct box Custom Jensen isolation transformer eliminates noise 15db pad Ground lift and phase buttons Easy to use Rugged enclosure
  4. Apogee Element 24 Digital Audio Interface

    The Apogee Element 24 digital audio interface is an in/out device specifically for Mac. It offers Apogee's high quality analog-to-digital conversion, digital-to-analog conversion, and sweet preamps. Its Thunderbolt connection is reliable and fast. It has 2 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs, hence the "24" designation. It ships with Apogee Elements, a software based mixer that integrates with desktop environments and many DAWs. Some features/specs Up to 24-bit/192kHz AD/DA conversion for...
  5. Avalon U5 Class-a Active Bass Di And Preamp

    The Avalon U5 is a renowned preamp and DI, gracing stages and studios alike for more than 2 decades. It's single-channel Class-A preamp offers up to 30db of gain, with a very low noise level. It has six usable tone profiles (including flat), and typical line and mic levels out. It's built like a tank, and easy to use on stage as a DI to FOH, or as a freestanding amp pre.
  6. Airturn Manos And Duo 200

    The AirTurn Manos is an iPad or iPhone holder that is attached to a mic stand. It's a key part of using digital music for practice, studio, or stage. Coupled with AirTurn's Duo bluetooth page turner, use of digital charts or music is simple and easy.
  7. Rupert Neve Designs Rndi Active Instrument Direct Inject (di) Box

    Elegant, pure sound designed by a master
    • Mono active direct box • Custom transformers • Class-A discrete FET amplifier circuit • Ground lift and speaker/instrument switches • LED current meter • Steel enclosure
  8. Countryman Type 85 1-channel Active Instrument Direct Inject (di)

    Tone, quality, and durabilty tough as nails
    The Countryman Type 85 DI provides a strong, clean signal to FOH without adding noise or distortion. It uses a Class-A circuit JFET preamp that works especially well for bass. It is the affordable, reliable secret weapon of sound engineers and touring musicians alike. Works with 9v battery and/or phantom power.
  9. Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal

    • Special-edition volume pedal • VP Junior size • Aluminum housing with black finish • Anniversary graphics • Kevlar cord • Micro taper switch for use with passive and active instruments • Tuner output
  10. Acoustic Image Clarus 2r Series 3

    The Acoustic Image Clarus 2R is a Class-D integrated amp that delivers power and flexibility in a compact, lightweight package. The amp delivers 400 watts into four ohms, with two channels, three-band EQ, notch filter, 6 digital effects (including 3 reverbs, chorus, delay and flange) XLR direct outs, effects loop, ground lift, mute, and heavy duty Neutrik Speakon connectors.