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    Shure Srh440a Headphones

    "Good basic headphones for practice"
    These are good, inexpensive studio headphones for bass practice. The tone will come through and not be muted or muffled. They are also great for general music listening. They feel "flat", without any artifically augmented low end. I got these to replace other, cheaper headphones which, while good for general use, fell short of reproducing a solo bass guitar effectively, which made practicing harder than it needed to be.
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    Jackson X Series Spectra Bass Sbx V

    "Great features, but some details lacking"
    The technical specs appealed to me, and did not disappoint. The neck is thin, solid, and stable, especially after a year of seasonal adjustment. There is no neck dive. The frets are level, without sprout even in winter. Only one dead spot on the 6th fret of the G string. It's not mentioned, but the truss rod is double action (can pull the neck to forward or back bow, as needed). Even with relief, the neck stays dead straight after the 7th fret, likely because of the graphite rods. I...
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    Kalium Steel Bass Standard .148″ Balanced Five String Set

    "Bright and loud"
    These strings *just* fit on a 35" scale neck. The taper at the bridge was right at the saddle, and the taper at the nut meant I did not need to alter the nut to fit the .148 B string. The tension is about 49lbs per string, and feels very even across the strings. They have a lot of output and lots of harmonics. On the flipside, the tension and brightness means they have a *lot* of zing when new, which was hard to handle. They are mellowing out, and using some FastFret helped them break in...
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    Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp

    "Everything in one package"
    A good, loud little headphone amp. I usually use it with a clean, unprocessed output setting, plugged straight into the output of a effects pedal. I have also used it as a pre-amp to drive another amplifier (when it expects line-level instead of instrument-level signals). The amp models are each combined with a given effect, like tremolo, chorus, or most frequently, reverb. That effect can be adjusted or turned off. Some models have overdrive built-in, which does respond to dynamics. It...
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    Vox Amplug2 Bass

    "Fragile, and unpleasant to the ear."
    The plugs are quite fragile: they are soldered directly to the board and not attached to the case, so a mild knock on the headphone or Aux plugs can detach the plugs and require tricky soldering to fix (I had to do it twice, then it died for good). The amplifier is very noisy. The hiss would make my ears ache after each use. If you turn down the tone control, the hiss goes away, but so do all your highs and mids. Selecting a rhythm is easy, and the built-in metronome is handy, but...
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    Behringer Bdi21

    "Good tone for cheap!"
    If you get only one pedal when you are starting out, especially if you practice with headphones, get this one. It will give you basic tube amp sounds without an amp, and more realistic tones than a headphone amplifier alone. And a DI for when you eventually get onstage. And it's cheap! The knobs are smooth and stiff, so they aren't finicky to adjust and won't go out of adjustment. The pedal is heavy and solid. It can use a battery, which is convenient sometimes, but the pedal fails very...
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