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  1. vbchaos reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Dingwall NG-2

    "One of a kind"
    A great instrument, and just the entrance model of Dingwalls portfolio. Ordering & Deliver Ordering an NG2 can be difficult. The pre-order queue was about 7 month. Contact with Dingwall is excellent, Sheldon personally answered all questions asked regarding the instrument and shipping things. Eventually I ordered the bass through, who deals with Dingwall instruments in europe. Because of the back-order it took some time but I was lucky that was in first row for 2 new...
  2. vbchaos reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Electro Harmonix Bass Balls Nano

    "Nice fun-machine"
    Who doesn't know Pink Floyds "Young Lust" with that strange bass sound in it? Well, that's a BassBalls pedal, a very old one. The newer NANO series BassBalls has a distortion function added, which makes (limited) sense. Let me make something clear right from the start: This stompbox is a funny little toy, but while other kinds of effects are more generally accepted, this one is very limited to your personal taste and it is quite easily possible to ruin your overall band sound with this...
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