Behringer Bdi21

4.5/5, 4.5 from 1 review
A cheap, effective SansAmp clone
  1. taketwo
    Good tone for cheap!
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 5, 2022
    Build Quality:
    • + Great value for money
    • + Versatile tone (clean up to overdrive)
    • - Instructions in box were incorrect (correct ones online)
    If you get only one pedal when you are starting out, especially if you practice with headphones, get this one. It will give you basic tube amp sounds without an amp, and more realistic tones than a headphone amplifier alone. And a DI for when you eventually get onstage. And it's cheap!

    The knobs are smooth and stiff, so they aren't finicky to adjust and won't go out of adjustment. The pedal is heavy and solid. It can use a battery, which is convenient sometimes, but the pedal fails very slowly as the battery dies and gets into overdrive range more easily, so your tone gets hard to control and without you realizing.

    With a hot, active bass, I tend to have to keep the Drive to minimum to keep the tone clean, but then the overdrive is great. With a passive bass, there is more range of clean tones, and still overdrive near the upper limit.

    I was able to get various clean tones and even a pleasant approximation of Lemmy's overdriven tone (with a suitable bass guitar). Near it's upper limit, the Drive needs very fine adjustments to prevent excessive clipping. The Presence EQ can get overwhelming quickly, but gives a good clank if that's what you want. The Level output can drive my headphone amp without problem, and seems fairly powerful. (I have not tried it direct to headphones.)

    When inactive, and blend set to minimum, it's a plain active DI. With blend to full, the Drive, Level, and Presence have no effect, but the Bass and Treble EQ still work. Activate the pedal, and the Drive, Level, and Presence take effect, which gives you a second tone (usually overdriven) option.
    Price Paid:
    45$ CAD
    1. John Keenan
      had this for three weeks now, it's good an all but i have found the battery power source connector does not work now for some odd reason, it's good for the money, i will be looking for a better one in few months, for the price can't fault it