Boss Geb-7 Bass Equalizer

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Bass EQ (7 band). Successor to the GE-7B.
  1. Miles_ONeal
    Best of breed bass EQ
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 11, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Stone simple. Easy to use. Wide range. Low current; if you use a battery it should last several gigs.
    • - One can always use more bands.
    It seems a bit odd at first; the bands are not the usual octaves. But they cover just what most of us need on bass. For those wondering why there's a 10K slider, harmonics (especially playing with a pick or using slap techniques) can easily extend well up the audio range.
    The biggest problem most people will face is that there is so much control; a little goes a long way. This pedal can drastically enhance (or destroy) your tone.
    I got a good deal through ; my pedal was new in an open box.
    Either these don't have the problems the GE-7B units had with noise, or I got the bargain of the century.

    Seven bands is plenty for most of us to get the tone we want. If you expect to play random venues with limited sound reinforcement, you probably want to add a parametric EQ to handle resonance peaks and troughs (boomy/dead spots).
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