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Bugera Veyron BV1001M

  • Power:
    2000W 4ohms***
    2 Speakon

Recent Reviews

  1. ProDigit
    "Great power, good tone, excellent built"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Lightweight,
    Nice design,
    Cons - Not as loud as I had hoped,
    EQ frequencies are not well chosen.
    I'd have to estimate by ear, that the Veyron roughly compares to a 450-500W amp,with 1000w peak.
    But muted notes, and slaps and pops sound similar to a 600 to 800W RMS amp.
    The Veyron is an odd beast, in that it doesn't behave like a solid state amp.
    I think it has extra capacitors installed for small bursts of energy, but the sustained notes are not more than 450W.
    In fact, it measures about the same with a killawatt meter as the 300W Behringer bass head.
    At bedroom volumes, it consumes roughly 30Watts. At loud volumes pushing the amp, the Behringer pulls 75W, this one 80W to 85W.
    That's with a small cab. Bigger cabs probably draw more power.

    Only a few tens of bucks more than the behringer, it appears to have just slightly more, but very similar RMS Watt values.
    However, punchy attacks are more dynamic on the Veyron.
    And while I don't doubt that the Veyron is measured at 2k W peak (like a microsecond or so), a more common rating would be 800W-1kW peak, but the notes attack (muted notes), sound like from a 600-750W amp. The sustain is a lot less... 450W or so.

    As far as sound quality, the Veyron works a lot better than the behringer for slap sound, and has brights even my Eden WTX doesn't have.
    I like my Eden, but power wise, the Veyron is as low as I'll go, band play wise.
    Either amp barely has enough power for bandplay.
    All 3 amps work well through an efficient 210, or 410.
    But once you plug in an 8ohms 210, the drummer has to be behind a plexiglass cage at these power levels.
    I also notice that the Veyron handles Watts much better than a SS amp.
    Like, a 500W SS amp at 4 ohms, pushes only 300W at 8, and should push only 200-225W at 16 ohms.

    The Veyron pushes about 500-600w at 4ohms, 450-500W at 8 ohms, and about 450W at 12ohms. And roughly estimated about 350-400W at 16 ohms.
    That's not bad...
    This is measured by ear comparing to other amps playing through the same cabs.

    The Behringer, Bugera, and Eden WTX all sound good, but I like the Behringer best, and Eden second sound quality wise (because the Behringer EQ is more versatile)
    The Veyron is missing a lot of punch. I often need to add a lot of 200Hz, on almost all the (non Bugera) cabs I connect it to, because the amp by nature has it dialed at least 12dB too low.
    The Behringer too, but I made it a custom to set the Behringer EQ with 63 and 160Hz as well as 5kHz to max, and the rest flat.
    The Eden sounds deep, but not punchy.

    Power wise, I think it makes most sense to get the Bugera amp out of all 3 amps.
    You'll need the extra volume.

    The Behringer and Eden WTX amps are made for a single ten, twelve, or fifteen (250-300W) at 4 ohms.
    The Bugera for a 4 or 8 ohms dual twelve to 410.
    Or an 8ohms 210 or single fifteen with high power handling (500W).

    Bugera is a great rock, pick player, and slap bass amp, but functions only mediocre in the funk and soul environment.
    Price Paid:


    1. IMG_20170104_103120.jpg
  2. katysax
    "I love this amp"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Great Value
    Sounds Great
    Built in compression
    Cons - No Tuner
    I love this amp. Admittedly I don't have experience with tons of amps, but this amp is lightweight, looks, feels and sounds great. Lots of oomph. Great round bass sound. The sound is much fuller with more lows than either my TC Electronics amp or Phil Jones combos.
    Price Paid:
    $300.00 used
  3. RichSnyder
    "More amp than you pay for"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Lots of power, lots of features, great sound and killer price
    Cons - no case
    I own both the tube and the mosfet version of this amp. I tend to prefer the tube version, but it depends on what you're playing. More modern, I'd use the mosfet, classic/rock/blues/old school - tube. Even if you're not sure if you want one of these as your main gigging amp, how can you beat a powerful, light weight backup amp for $399?
    Price Paid:
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  1. jarpathos
    Does plugging into the headphone jack cuts the signal to the speaker? I use the headphone jack to feed my in ear monitors live.