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Bugera Veyron Tube BV1001T

  • Power:
    2,000 watts @8 or 4 ohms
    11.5 x 11 x 3.1
    Single 1/4" guitar input, aux input, power amp input
    2x Speakon speaker outputs, preamp out, balanced direct out, tuner out, phones out
    EQ / Controls:
    EQ: bass, mid, mid frequency select (3 way), treble

    Gain, volume, master volume, - 15db pad, mute button, compression button, compression level knob

    DI: Ground lift, pre/post eq switch, mic/line level switch
    Other Specs:
    Weight: 5 lbs.
  • 0811152147.jpg 0811152147a.jpg 0811152148.jpg 0811152148a.jpg 0811152148b.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. lax4bags
    "Po mans Streamliner with decent comp"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Sounds like a Streamliner with more linear gain and a compressor that works well except it needs a threshold control. Knobs are ok except big master knob is not reaistabt enough when turning.
    Cons - Big? Comp is not able to be played with. Eq is listed like Streamliner.
    Gave plenty of juice and grind. I'm glad I know that the flat is bass 9 mid 10 on 2k treble 11. Compressor was fine when I dialed it in but had to retune after adjusting gain down to clean it up when I got third set crazy loud. The low E string sounded loose when pushed when I was riding the tube gain but that may have been the acoustic bn112 getting to its tipping point. Very cool amp that is a bit big (with fitbin my mini m80) but has lots of juice in tap. I wish I knew how many watts it was at 8 and 4 ohms.
  2. frrrosty
    "Just what the Doctor ordered!"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Free of all the TC-style gimmicks
    No "sixteen functions on one button depending on a complex series of morse-code-like taps"
    This amp has exactly what a bassist needs at less than 10 pounds
    The tube sound is great, whether you play clean or go for the growl
    Power is off the hook. This has more power at 8 ohms than most any other amp at 4 ohms
    Easily powers a pair of Acoustic 301 W-cabinets loaded with Beyma 18P1000FeV2 subs at a total of 4 ohms, no 60lb rack amp needed
    Cons - My only con is that to remove the top panel (necessary to replace tubes) requires removing about 10 screws and they're super tight and easy to cross-thread if you're not very careful. They should use bigger screws with bigger threads.
    I love the simple set of controls that give me just what I need without the frustration of insanely complex and ultimately useless programming like a V-amp Pro. I don't need "amp modeling" for bass anyway, I have real vintage Acoustic and Altec cabs! And, I no longer need to lug a 60lb rack around! I use a BOSS chromatic tuner that i keep in my guitar case, so the fact that it doesn't have a tuner is no problem. In fact, is helps streamline the interface. The solid state version has ULTRA-HI and ULTRA-LO buttons, the tube model doesn't. There's a reason: It doesn't need it! This amp will blow the doors off any venue you're likely to play. I play 8-string octave bass mostly, and an in-line 6-string, this amp covers the entire spectrum beautifully. I never get close to turning it up all the way, so to say there's headroom to spare would be a rediculous understatement. 00a. 00b.
    I removed the top panel to see exactly what tube is in these, turns out the tubes are marked "Bugera 12AX7C". I can' find that exact tube, not even from Bugera, but they could be T-12AX7-CHINA, a Chinese tube thats commonly rebranded by other companies. Anyway, 12AX7 is the socket format, so any 12AX7 will fit, whether its an A, B, C or what have you. The Russian-made Genalex Gold Pin ECC83/B759 (12AX7) is regarded as a superior tube, should work fine should any if the original tubes goes, which thankfully has not happened.
    Price Paid:
    $360 USD two months pre-owned
  3. slappadehbeaas
    "The Perfect Gigger"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Tube Pre
    Parallel Compression
    Standard Eq
    Light weight
    Seemingly unlimited power
    Doesn't get hot at all
    Cons - No on board tuner
    No lo or hi switches
    Doesn't have a rack option
    There are LEDs used to illuminate the tubes
    Came with dirty pots but Music Group offered to clean them for free when I complained online.
    I gig consistently in Las Vegas and have been complemented on the looks and tone by the techs at many venues. They take pictures of it and get their minds blown when I tell them I could run two 810s if necessary (which it never is). I sold my SVT-CL, bought this, put $500 in the bank and never looked back. My back is thankful as well. I ran this amp with an ampeg 410hlf for six months before switching to a Phil Jones C8. This combination is what I would recommend for any gigging bassist. The two are about $1400 combined and you now have half-stack sound that can fit in the truck of a Miata. Loading in is no longer a process and only takes one easy trip.

    The tube pre gives warmth or grind and also coats the sounds of a digital effects unit (zoom b3) to sound more organic.

    The parallel compression allow you to solidify the low frequency output while maintaining musicality on the high end.

    If you don't watch it you can blow any cab you have so be cautious. Watch the lights flicker when you turn it on.

    I'm serious about the constant compliments, most valuable amp to have in our arsenal.
    Price Paid:


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  1. hifibass
  2. Tommy33
    Sounds good but it's made by beranger it will break
    1. Ballin'bass
      Eventually, you may be quite right. But at the price, it'll pay for itself if you get even semi regular paying gigs.
      Ballin'bass, Sep 11, 2016