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  • No. of Frets:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    Swamp Ash
    Neck Material:
    Body Finish:
    tobacco sunburst, 6 coats of lacquer
    Fingerboard Material:
    Indian Rosewood
    Gotoh 201 high mass bridge with brass saddles
    Bill Lawrence USA - EB 60PB
    Other Hardware:
    Hipshot tuners
    little over 9 pounds
    EQ / Controls:
    volume, volume, master tone, 5-way Vari-Tone switch
    Other Specs:
    decorative inlay at 12th fret, custom pick guard from Terrapin Guitars, .55 custom fretwork and custom cut tusq. nut

Recent Reviews

  1. fedenybass
    "Buscanti Newport"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - fantastic preamp, super sexy finish, and absolutely killer playability!
    Cons - None
    I've been playing this Buscanti Newport Jazz for well over a year now and it's replaced my other 2 jazz basses as my main gigging bass. The neck is the most comfortable 4 string jazz I've ever owned. The EMG pre and pups are a great combo! The controls are vvt, but what I like most about this bass is the toggle switch which switches from the standard emg pups to EMG EXB expander. I activate it for soloing and slap and it gives me a whopping bass/ treble boost which can be shaped with the 4th knob. This is what sets this bass apart from my other jazz basses. The slap tone is sublime! The neck and fret job is one of a kind. I'm writing this review because I love this bass and feel this maker deserves some props. After MANY basses I've gassed over and purchased this is saying something! This Buscanti is a top-notch bass from a top-notch luthier and super nice guy to deal with.
    Price Paid:
    dont recall... I think roughly 1k
  2. Bass-only
    "Buscanti Vibe - Family Reserve"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Looks incredible!
    Plays like a dream
    Great fret work
    Unique tone package (master tone and Vari-Tone)
    good weight and balance
    Jeff is a GREAT person to deal with
    Cons - none
    Got this bass from Jeff Herman - maybe 3 weeks ago. Used it on my last gig -and my guitarist (of the last 30 years) told me it's the best sounding bass I have!

    Great looking, great build quality!

    What's really interesting is the tone package. Individual volumes, master tone and 5-way Vari-tone switch. The 5 positions are actually all usable! Some settings are a little "low end heavy" but by backing down the neck pickup volume slightly - it's the perfect tone mix again. Position 4 and 5 are GREAT slapping settings! You'd swear there's a battery in there somewhere, as some of these positions REALLY boost the lows and highs.

    I picked this up after seeing them on REVERB.COM. Jeff has an interesting "swirl finish" bass there. All I could find were positive reviews, so I thought I'd give it a try. When I saw the picks of this bass, I HAD to have it.

    Build as well as the higher end "Boutique" basses in fit and finish.

    I'd recommend Jeff and Buscanti basses to anyone looking for a custom bass, without a custom price tag!


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  1. JazzBass1949
    Very Nice Looking Bass Cant wait for the Used Ones to come out !! have to grab one with some MoJo on er !! Only thing Just 20 Frets On er don't see 21 MMmmaaa?????