Carvin Bunny Brunel BB75 Five-String Bass

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The Bunny Brunel BB75 five-string bass is the result of the combined efforts between Carvin and top session jazz bassist, Bunny Brunel. The neck has
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  1. Puma
    This bass can do everything I do and do it well
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Apr 5, 2015
    Build Quality:
    • + Great feel, Great sounds
    Features: This is my “other” Carvin. It is a Bunny Brunel BB75. As with every Carvin I have ever tried this one is a great player, is balanced well and the build quality is second to none. This particular bass has a great cherry burst color with a satin matte finish, gorgeous. Like my other Carvin, this one is has an alder body so it is very lightweight. This bass has black hardware and rosewood knobs that look pretty cool. This bass also has piezo pickups in the bridge. Supposedly you can get a reasonable representation of an acoustic bass with the piezo but I have yet to find a good use for it. Since you buy directly from Carvin you can order with any number of options. If I were ordering direct, I would forgo the piezo option. But I bought this bass of talkbass so it came as it came. The bass has a neck thru body and features a 34” rosewood fingerboard, a 14” radius and 22 medium-jumbo frets.

    The Carvin Bridge is solid and strong with saddles that are adjustable for string height, and intonation. The strings can be fed through the bridge or through the body, whenever I have the option, I prefer to string through the body.

    The electronics are active, with passive bypass capability. The controls consist of a master volume control a pickup pan and the piezo control (those are the first three knobs on top. Then two stacked knobs the first being bass boost on the outer ring and treble boost on the inner ring. The next bottom knob is the midrange boost, the frequency pan. As seems to be the norm with Carvin basses, you can get incredibly bright. However, this can be easily controlled with the electronic controls mentioned above. I put a set of D’Addario XL flats on and that helped out quite a bit. The pickups in this bass are not from Carvin but they are Bartolini duel coil humbuckers. Nice and quite, but they provide a robust bass tone. Again, if I were ordering this bass from Carvin I would have asked for the RAD Humbuckers, Radiused-top.

    Feature: 9

    Sound: OK as much as I love Carvins, I was a bit disappointed in the sound. It seems a little bright, and clacky. The clackiness is from the strings hitting the frets but is is not audible with amplification. The controls are nice but almost too many controls. That said, I am getting used to it and finding the right settings, also, putting the flats on it has done wonders. As I mentioned the piezo settings tend to muddy things up but I find if I roll the control to about 2 o’clock it sounds pretty nice. The bass can do vintage quite well. It can also do a modern hi-fi tone, and can get a funk vibe. It is a pretty good “jack of all trades” bass. Adjusting the pickups flat for Jazz tone, roll the back pick up full and the front pick up off and you can get a nice p-bass tone. All in all this is a pretty versatile instrument.

    Sound: 8

    Action, Fit & Finish: Like every Carvin I have ever owned, this is an excellently built guitar. Carvin is known for its build quality and this bass only enhances that reputation. The bass fits the body beautifully, my first BB75 was the best ergonomic feeling bass I have every played and this one is its equal. They really got it right here. The bass just feels great against the body, it is very light, the neck is perfect; it has great fretwork and it perfectly balanced. Great build.

    Action, Fit & Finish: 10

    Reliability & Durability: Too early to say. I have practiced it pretty hard, gigged it a couple of times, so far no issues. I suspect that with care this base will outlive me.

    Reliability & Durability: 9 Too soon to tell but I expect it to be around for a LONG time.

    Impression: I play mostly rock, but more R&B and funk of late. This bass can do everything I do and do it well. That said if I could only have one bass, the SB5000 or the BB75, I would go to with the SB5000. Fortunately I don’t have to make that choice (for now) so they both stay :bassist:.

    Here are six minutes with Bunny Brunel:

    Impression: 8.5
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    Hipshot, strings through body
    9.25 lbs

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