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Bass Guitar Strings

Bass Guitar String Reviews

5/5, 1 Review
LaBella Copper White Nylon Tapewound Strings
4/5, 1 Review
Stainless steel roundwound double-ball end strings for basses that use the Steinberger system
4.5/5, 2 Reviews
Steel hex core with nickel-plated windings
4.5/5, 2 Reviews
SuperBright Cobalt Ribbon - Superior Sheen and Feel Cobalt Under wraps - Added Clarity and Output Optimal Core to Wrap Ratio - Comfortable Tension and Playability
Nickel Roundwound Balanced Tension 45–107
Long Scale half round bass strings
1/5, 1 Review
Chinese strings that can be had for around five dollars...
1/5, 1 Review
Coated nickel round wound string
Sadowsky Blue Label strings are slightly less bright than the Black Label Sadowsky Strings. The Blue Label Strings are also lower tension than the Black Label strings. - Bassstringsonline.com
Nickel wound, Round core
4.5/5, 4 Reviews
Great value, good sound, worth getting before they're gone...
5/5, 1 Review
Filament Grade Alloy Bass Strings
M3075 - Long+