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Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar Reviews

5/5, 1 Review
This is made-in-Mississippi goodness, easily among the best in the world.
4 string eletric bass
4/5, 1 Review
New T-bird with old school vibe
5/5, 1 Review
Epiphone version of the classic Gibson Thunderbird.
4 string Serial Number L 1072 87 Year 1987 Month November Number 1072 Neck Wood Wenge Wood with Anegre Lamination Fingerboard Wenge with mother of Pearl Dot Inlays Frets Bronce Warwick Frets Nut Just a Nut Brass Version Neck construction Neckthroug
The new Jeff Berlin signature from Cort represents a huge step forward for the brand
5/5, 1 Review
Clean and simple design, with an understated elegance. Fully equipped bass with active electronics, quality hardware, and big growly sound from the swamp ash body & rock maple body neck.
4/5, 1 Review
I bought this (used) earlier this year, and it's from when Peavey was in their heyday of making custom Cirruses, in Mississippi.
5/5, 1 Review
4 string nuclear green
2/5, 1 Review
4 string 'stick' bass, full size 34"
5/5, 1 Review
Ukulele-style bass guitar with rubberized strings and built-in tuner and electronics
4.5/5, 2 Reviews
5-string Jazz-style bass with passive pick-ups.