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Caye Bass Strings

1/5, 1 from 1 review
Chinese strings that can be had for around five dollars...

Recent Reviews

  1. Mechayoshi
    Not even worth the cheap price
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Sep 14, 2016
    • + None.
    • - Dead out of box, no volume, no warmth
    I like to experiment with cheaper brands to find bargains ans I discovered these. Supposiedly from "Italy", The packaging was nice with each string getting its own bag. However the engrish on the front was a shadow of what was to come!

    I put them on. So far so good but strangely they already felt cheap. Though my previous strings, "Foehn ebbs-440" were the same gauge I had some intonation and action issues. Not unexpected, so so far so good.

    However. I used them with amplification and things went south. Typically I dislike brand new strings because of the zingyness but these were DEAD. There was hardly any volume, I though I had knocked the volume knob by mistake but nope. I couldn't get a good tone either. I even messed with my eq settings, something I never need to do typically for practice.

    Nothing gave me a decent sound. It was so bad, I though something was wrong with my bass so I threw my previous set on and......

    It sounded fine again. These strings suck, even for five bucks.....Stay away!
    Price Paid:
    1. TexasRock
      I have been using them for 2 years now on 5 different basses and think they are great. Throw your money away if you want to but I have found those strings to be very durable, good sounding and long lasting.

Item Details

  1. Guages:
    .045, .065, .080, .100
    Other Specs:
    Nickel alloy

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