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Countryman Type 85 1-channel Active Instrument Direct Inject (di)

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Tone, quality, and durabilty tough as nails
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Recent Reviews

  1. staccatogrowl
    Just call it "old faithful"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 19, 2020
    Build Quality:
    I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to my gear. I especially enjoy the tone of my basses direct to sound console in live and studio situations. The Country Man Type 85 DI just plain works for every situation I encounter, and every time I use it. Definitely not the most expensive DI, but holds its own with the best.
    Price Paid:
    $150 US

Preamp Details

  1. Price:
    $240 US
    The Countryman Type 85 DI provides a strong, clean signal to FOH without adding noise or distortion. It uses a Class-A circuit JFET preamp that works especially well for bass. It is the affordable, reliable secret weapon of sound engineers and touring musicians alike. Works with 9v battery and/or phantom power.

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