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  1. AModestRat
    "A stunning surprise"
    Pros - Balanced Tone
    Balanced Tension
    Tension not too high, not too low
    No Silk
    Cons - Sound very similar to D'Addario Chromes
    Bought these on a whim while shopping for some flatwounds. From the moment I put these on I was astonished at how easy they play and how good they sound. As of now, they sound similar to the set of (very) dead Chromes I had on, which I found were a bit bright for being dead. All of the strings sound balanced, the tension is even and not too high. I didn't need to adjust my action from the set of DR Low Riders I had on, and I can get a great, low action from these. Here's hoping they sound as great when they die!
    Price Paid:
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