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    EXL220BT 40–95

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  1. carlis
    "Best balance for sideman and solo players"
    Pros - Easy on fingers and frets
    Even bend resistance
    Even tone across low and high registers
    Cons - Tone deterioration after 3 months
    I've been using the light-gauge balanced set EXL220BT (40, 55, 70, 95) for several years but decided to change to the medium gauge EXL170BT (45, 60, 80, 107). I also made a very casual video to compare the two sets.

    The lighter set is very fast to play and easy on your fingers, even ready for a full step bend. The strings respond very quickly, and the tone is crisper, brighter, thinner with less overtone, more articulate and sweeter on the higher register. A no-brainer for solo player. (Con: The A string is so thin that it rattles in the nut slot without padding.)

    The medium set feels stiffer and harder to press right away, entailing a half round adjustment of the truss rod to compensate for the increased tension, a worthwhile hurt for power—the strings sound fuller and deeper, with stronger bites when slapped. A preferred choice for "sideman" players, yet balanced enough to be useful in soloing. (Con: The E string is slightly thicker at .107 vs. more common gauge .105, making it hard to fit in the nut slot.)

    Audio is direct input via Apogee Duet into Logic Pro X without any processing.
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