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  1. Low84
    "A nice roundwound... I like 'em."
    Pros - Nice feel, wraps are smooth, LOVE the gauges!
    Cons - A little too much tension for my tastes.
    Nickel-plated wraps over a hex steel core, these strings provide a nice roundwound tone... lots of life without being too strong and "boingy."

    Tension is higher than other roundwound strings I've played but it's not the highest. They're certainly not uncomfortable, but would I like a little less tension? Sure.

    Wraps are smooth... no rough edges.

    I would buy these again.
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  1. Low84
    Hi, folks. I tried these on another bass recently and must tell everyone the experience was incredibly different vs. the first time around. This time, the NYXLs don't feel like they have quite as much tension as they previously did. I absolutely love these strings! FIVE STARS!!!!!