Daisy Rock, Rock Candy

4.5/5, 4.5 from 1 review
Not to be underestimated.
  1. Eilif
    Solid performer with glam looks that doesn't pander.
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 29, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + Great Glam looks
    • + Well Constructed
    • + Comfortable playing
    • + Solid Hardware
    • + Good -though not unique- tone.
    • - Nothing other than the visuals sets it apart from similar Ibanez/LTD/Yamaha basses.
    I acquired this bass as a surprise garage sale find in near-mint condition. Though it's not at all my usual style, as you'll read below I'm quite impressed by this bass.

    Nothing dramatic enough to say it has it's own signature sound, but it offers a satisfyingly diverse range of tone from the 2-band preamp that is definitely in the same realm with other similarly equipped Ibanez/Yamaha/ESP instruments. Controls are Vol/Bal/High/Low. My example is an earlier model with generic pickups (current models have EMG's), but the bass doesn't seem to be lacking for it.

    Very slim, fast neck that will feel familiar to Ibanez Soundgear players. Similar also in weight and size. Though comfortable and certainly smaller and lighter than a Fender-style instrument, this full-size bass bass appears to not be targeting starter child players but pre-teens and older.

    Build Quality and Appearance.
    Tight neck pocket, solid fretwork, no discernible flaws in the fit or finish. My example is a pink sparkle that is seriously sparkly. The star inlays on the neck are a nice Glam touch yet not overdone.

    Bridge is the now common and reliable 201 clone and I was pleasantly surprised to see Grover tuners so the hardware should be very reliable.

    I think we've all known for a while that Daisy Rock makes solid gear. This bass bears that out as it is definitely a respectable, well made bass guitar for a player that is in no way offers less or panders to it's intended female audience.

    Aside from the lovely finish and inlays (which are both awesome), it doesn't have any truly unique features but still seems to be just as good an instrument as most any other in the $300 price-range. Folks whose choose it based on the name or appearance will find that it's a fine gig-able instrument that holds it's own.

    My tastes run to vintage styles and P-bass necks so this instrument is a bit out of my wheelhouse. However, I found absolutely nothing to fault and alot to like about this bass and I'd happily recommend this instrument to anyone -male or female- who want's something with modern ergonomics and Glam aesthetics.

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