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4 string nuclear green

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  1. ProDigit
    Excellent bass, that I won't mind buying 2 or 3 of
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 24, 2017
    Build Quality:
    • + - Phenomenal price! - Awesome tone! - Excellent factory setup! - Bright colors, and unique looks!
    • - - Lacks some tonal versatility with only 1 pickup - Colors can be outlandish
    It appears that Florida based company, Dean, has introduced quite a killer bass on the market these days!
    From the killer price, to the killer looks, to the killer tone, it's one bad ax bass for sure!

    Without a doubt, the $200 price tag doesn't do the instrument justice!
    You'd expect a much higher price for a beautiful looking instrument like this!
    Not only looks, but the tone also is amazing!
    Fitting best with sterile clean solid state amps, this bass is the character maker for the boring amps out there; though not all people might like the sound produced...

    The sound of the bass, I can best describe as:
    More aimed towards the rock bassist, or playing with a pick; as it produces pretty bright and crispy sounds!
    In a way this is very pleasing to the ear; much like a Fender or Squier bass, but a different high frequency that's more crisp and bright, is chosen.

    The tone knob is very functional, dialing in between the stock nice bright slap tone, and a mellow 70's Motown sound, that would even go for a good ole Jaco/Bassman combo!

    The company did well in choosing a ~4uF capacitor tone pot, as the control for the higher frequencies.
    These type will roll off the brights with a 'low pass filter'- type of approach, where the cut off frequency depends on the amount the pot is dialed in.
    Most modern tone pots from eg: Yamaha or Ibanez basses, use more of a 'volume pot'-approach where all the higher frequencies are linearly rolled off in a volume fashion, rather than a frequency fashion.

    The result?
    A much nicer to the ear transition from the modern sound, to the vintage sound of the bass, for a higher versatility, and much lower cost, than most modern basses use!
    Plus, it sounds so much more pleasing to the ear!

    It does lack a tad of low end, in the 80-160Hz region, and dialing this frequency range in with an amp, makes the bass sound much fuller and more suited for funk, slap, and 70's/80's jazz-fusion sound, aside from the modern sound you get out of it suited for a lot of different genres!

    This bass does not produce very deep sounding tones below 80Hz; thus fits less in rock settings with large cabinets; but most with 15" papercone cabs with vintage and punchy sound!

    The fingerboard of this bass is maple, however it (and the whole bass) is coated with a polyester (plastic) layer, which allows for a very nice bright tone to shine (think somewhere between a regular warm tone, and a bass with graphite neck).
    The polyester neck has been done successfully on several basses, and works really well on this green bass, as it's easy to use whatever color.

    Overall, I'm super pleased with it's tone, and pricetag!
    I hear they're selling like hotcakes around the world, and righteously so, thanks to it's unique, yet good sounding sound!

    It's a great P-sound you get out of this,
    If I was the company, i would have placed another bridge J-pickup, to get the most out of these basses (and perhaps moved the P-Pickup a bit more towards the neck, to get more of a versatile sound out of it).
    Price Paid:
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    1. coolvirgin69
      VERY well said bud. A year late but this exactly why I love the bass but "need" a new one-unique tone. Not bad, but not smooth. Very bright.

Bass Details

  1. No. of Frets:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    Neck Material:
    Body Finish:
    Nuclear green / Fluorescent Pink
    Nut Width:
    ?? (rather narrow)
    Fingerboard Material:
    Other Hardware:
    Volume pot,
    Tone pot
    10 LBS
    EQ / Controls:
    Tone pot (~4uF capacitor)
    Other Specs:
    Black hardware,
    Available in green, pink, or black&white (black body, maple neck).

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