Diamond BCP1 Bass Comp

Simple, high-quality true bypass optical compressor. Fixed attack and release, switchable 250/900Hz "tilt" tone control. No battery clip, runs off

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    Expensive, at least by my standards, but I regard it as a lifetime purchase. Built like a tank, and has a unique tonal character.

    This is definitely a "colour compressor". Extremely clean and detailed, but always adds a certain girth to the notes. I was searching for a clean, warm effect without overdrive or loss of treble for ages, finally found it here.

    I would normally reject this pedal because of the fixed attack/release, tried a bunch of others before I gave this one a try. Glad that I finally did. To my surprise, it works very well for fingerstyle, pick or slap on 4-string and 5-string basses.

    Lots of gain, can be used as a clean boost with the compression knob all the way off. Thanks to high-spec components, there negligible hiss even with the gain dimed. 18V supply provides lots of headroom. Been using it for a few years, never heard a pop from the true-bypass foot switch.

    The tilt EQ is interesting, sloping off the highs at the same time that it boosts the lows around the corner frequency (or vice-versa). More subtle than typical 1-knob tone controls. The 250Hz settings sounds old-school, 900Hz preserves more of the upper mids.