Donner Basement Headphone Amp

3/5, 3 from 1 review
Just OK, not great. Low volume.

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  1. lark_z
    Just OK
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2020
    Build Quality:
    • + Charging
    • - Low volume
    OK, I wasn't expecting much more than something I could hear both the bass and an mp3 file through and I got that. It's nice and compact, USB charging seems to work well. Charge is good for perhaps 5-6 hours of playing time.

    Aux volume is set by the device from which you're sending the signal (mp3/cd/pc/phone).

    Bass sound is controlled by four items:

    - Volume. I can assure you this will be max'ed out ALL the time. Disappointed with the output here. So much so that I bought a cheap, higher output pickup for my bass so I could hear better.

    - Tone. Don't mess with this much personally. Seems to work just like the passive tome pot on the guitar.

    - Overdrive. Can add some grunge if you like

    - FX/WAH. What a joke. It some type of cycling wah thingy. Problem is the frequency of the cycle is not adjustable. SO, it's just a huge distraction.

    So, I can hear myself and the music I'm practicing with. For $20, that's about all you get.
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  1. Price:
    (From Amazon)
    1. Provides excellent experience of bass guitar playing, sound based on Ampeg SVT*.You can also turn on FX Function(WAH)
    2. Build-in recharge lithium battery, works for 5 hours after fully charged (USB charge cable included).
    3. Very small size and you can put it in your pocket when you go out, plug and play.
    4. 1/4" (3.5mm) Aux Input jack lets you play along with your CD/MP3 player.
    Donner Bass Guitar Headphone Amp Basement Pocket FX WAH Rechargeable Mini Practice Amplifier Capture.PNG



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