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DR Strings Lo Rider

4.8/5, 4.8 from 4 reviews
Lo-Rider stainless steel bass strings from DR are roundwound and constructed on a hexagonal core. Lo-Riders provide more depth of tone and are a bit

Recent Reviews

  1. MovingPitchers
    Best Roundwounds I ever used
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed May 8, 2016
    • + - Long lasting - Smoother feel than most rounds - Amazing tone: lots of punch without losing any of the mids and highs
    • - - Kind of pricey, especially in Canada
    Jahmeel from L&M Terminal (Vancouver, BC), recommended them to me and offered to exchange them for a set that I preferred. He did tell me to try these out anyways.

    He wasn't wrong. These are the best rounds I ever used in my life. I've used Fenders, D'Addarios, Rotosounds, and GHS Bass Boomers, but the DR Lo-Riders hits it out of the ball park.

    I'm amazed by the longevity of these strings. I changed them after four months of moderate usage but they still sounded good to me. They feel a lot nicer than other roundwound strings. I'm used to Rotosounds so I guess that's a huge drastic change.

    The tone. Ah, yes, the tone. I was looking for roundwounds with a little more punch in the lows and mids, which was why Jahmeel recommended these to me. He uses them on his own basses (all Fender Precisions) and he really liked the tone he was getting from the strings. I tried them out on my Precision Bass and I literally went bug-eyed from the tone of the bass. The CS62 pickup helped a lot definitely but these strings are no joke.

    DR is doing something right!

    The only con is that it's sort of expensive, but I guess that's a small price to pay for such amazing strings!

    10/10! I would recommend these to anyone!
    Price Paid:
    $40 CAD
  2. Ballin'bass
    My "go to" string
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed May 17, 2015
    • + - best lifespan of any string I've tried - fantastic tone - bright yet keeps a thick bottom end - all the punch you need - super comfortable to play - even string tension across all strings
    • - - Not the most affordable string set out there
    when I started playing bass I didn't really care much about the kind of strings that I put on my instrument. For years it didn't matter to me whether I used fender, d'addrio, ghs, ernie balls... Whatever.

    then I picked up my first set of Dr high beams. I instantly realized that not all strings were created equal. They sounded brighter and snappier than any string I'd heard before and they lasted easily a couple of extra months before they would die. This was such a game changer for me that I used them exclusively for years.

    Then one day someone told me about lo-riders. Said they were even better than hi-beams. I figured I should give them a try.

    When I put my first set of lo-riders on my music man bass and started playing I was instantly blown away. They made me realize how much beef I had been missing in the low-end and mids. I realized brightness wasn't something you had to sacrifice in order to achieve fatness. They sound smooth when you play soft and they really snarl when you dig in hard.

    I finally found the string that gives me the best of all world's: bright and snappy without being too twangy; plenty of boomy, rich, modern bottom end tone; and a lifespan about 2 months longer than all the other brands (with heavy playing).

    I now use DR Lo-riders on all of my fretted basses. And I don't look back. Worth the extra few bucks.
    Price Paid:
    $38.00 per set
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  3. gregmon79
    Great Strings!
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Apr 30, 2015
    • + Stay zingy for a while, nice and stiff/strong. great balance and feel. Great tone. Affordable.
    • - Wish they stayed zingy just a little longer. But again, I like my strings to stay new sounding for a long time. I usually change my strings once a month on average.
    hese strings are great!! I used these for quite a while.

    They are strong, the dont feel like lose wires like some strings Ive tried do. They keep their zing for a while, maybe a couple weeks with moderate play. They keep their integrity for longer. I think I usually kept them on at least a month before I thought about changing them (a month is a long time for me for strings. I really prefer very zingy strings like how they are right out of the pkg new). Great balance too. A little stiff but I dig that.

    Ive since changed to D'addario Pro Steels, those stay zingy for forever. But if I had a second choice, the Low Riders are it. Awesome strings! Strongly suggested to those who want a nice, clear and modern tone that will help you cut in the mix and last for a while.
    Price Paid:
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Item Details

  1. Guages:
    Other Specs:
    Steel or nickel roundwounds, non-tapered, fits 35" scale basses

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