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I am Soma
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Dunable Thunderclapper

5/5, 5 from 1 review
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  1. I am Soma
    Dunable Thunderclapper - Old School Awesome
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 8, 2015
    Build Quality:
    • + -Built like a tank -Get whatever customization you want -Awesome dude to work with -Great looking -Best neck I've ever played
    • - -New company -Not for light bass lovers
    I found out about Dunable bass as I'm a huge fan of Intronaut (owner's band) and one of the guitarists I jam with owns the first guitar he built and I was instantly drawn into the classic vibe, build quality, and price for the options that usually cost twice as much.

    After contacting Dunable Sacha was in constant contact ensuring we were on the same page as to what I was looking for. He did help steer me away from some things that I thought I wanted, but explained why they might not be a good idea.

    I recieved pics throughout the process showing progress as well as estimated date of delivery which was great.

    First thing I noticed about the bass is it is freaking built like a tank. I have no concern about gigging or dragging this bass along.

    I went with the following options:

    -35'' scale
    -Mahog body and neck
    -African Ebony fretboard
    -Hipshot black hardware
    -EMG TBP (2) with volume/volume/master tone

    Upon picking up the bass I was a little concerned about how heavy it was, but upon actually wearing it the weight went away and is perfectly balanced.

    I went with the mahog as I love that Gibson tone, but have never found a bass by them that I dug. With the EMGs this bass is as close to the tone in my head as I've ever heard.

    My favorite part of this bass is the neck. Like the rest of the bass it's built to last. I play in a funky tuning and he set it up perfect. The neck reminds me of a Fender jass/p hybrid in a Warwick format. I have been laying 34'' scales for years and the 35'' took a minute to get used to but I was flying around in no time. The action is super low and if you have experience with Hipshot you know their hardware is top notch.

    It did come with a run of the mill hardshell case (non-molded) that does its job. I'm more of a padded gigbag guy so it wasn't a big deal that it wasn't a premium case.

    Who should get this bass?
    -People who love that old school look with the option to put in modern options
    -People who need a custom bass that stand the rigors of gigging/jamming on a constant basis. This bass will wear it's scars well
    -People who love the idea of a Gibson bass but haven't found one they dig yet

    Who should stay clear?
    -People who need a super light-weight bass...although he will work to get your different woods and a lighter axe
    -People who like flashy lights in the fretboard guitars...although I'm sure he'd do that too
    -People who want a stock bass

    I think you can list pros/cons but possibly the best baromoter is to ask youself if you would consider ordering/purchasing another one. In this I'm already saving for a second :)
    Price Paid:
    2200 (using the % sale he was offering for the month of Feb.
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Bass Details

  1. No. of Frets:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    Neck Material:
    Body Finish:
    Stain/Hand rubbed oil
    Nut Width:
    Fingerboard Material:
    West African Ebony
    EMG TBP x 2
    Other Hardware:
    10.4 lb (bathroom scale)
    EQ / Controls:
    Other Specs:
    [*]12 degree tiltback headstock w/ reinforcement volute
    [*]comfort bevels for picking arm and waist/beer gut

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