Eden Tn2251

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Eden's killer 225 Watt 12" bass combo
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  1. drbeanz456
    Ultimate 12" combo
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 28, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + Fantastic full range sound
    • + Solid build quality
    • + tons of tonal features
    • - some components are a little cheap
    • - doesn't output the full 225 Watts from the internal speaker
    Its surprising to me that I was not able to find many review on this amp when I was shopping for a new combo. Eden bass amplification is an amazing brand with a fantastic products to back it. The Terra Nova TN2251 has been the best combo I've ever owned and I can never get enough of it! I really won't focus to much about the technical stuff because you can read all about it on Eden's website, but instead focus on how those feature have been useful on a practical basis. As I use this amp I'll update this review, just to avoid passing judgement on features without really testing them out:


    First off, this amp is good looking! The metal grill is sexy, the color matched tweeter and head are a nice touch, and the felt they use is that thinner felt that is easy to clean. For weight, it's perfect! when you picked this amp up its all there, I feel like i'm holding a solid made product, and its very satisfying to put down, you get that "THE BASS HAS ARRIVED" vibe when you set it on stage. I have own the Fender Rumble 75 V2 and the Rumble 100 V3, the Rumble 75 was heavy as hell to haul around and the rumble 100 is so light that it feels like a cheap toy (even thought its definitely not!), the TN2251 is right in the middle.

    Speaking of the Rumble 100 V3, the TN2251 is actually a little smaller than the Rumble 100. Eden managed to pack all off this goodness into such a small package, this is particularly advantageous for gigging. I can comfortably throw this thing into my front seat and not have to wrestle getting it in.


    Holy crap, does this thing sound great! Eden's main goal is Hi-Fi bass amplification and this amp really brings it on. I play 2 different 5-stings one of the them is strung B-G and the other E-C, this amp has plenty of punch for both ranges. The 12" speaker is surprisingly punchy and very warm, and with a splash of high end from the tweeter all of the highest range of the bass is clear.

    The EQ on this amp was a little difficult to get used to for me since I've never use parametric EQ's but after some experimentation I found my sound. The bass knob has a bass boost switch, which was concerning to me because the bass boost switches I've used in the past introduced WWAAAYYY too much low end, this bass boost is different. The bass boost really kicks on the super warm 80Hz with out over driving the speaker at all while still keeping your sound punchy! when you hit that bass boost switch it's linked to the bass knob and as you tun the knob up so does the bass frequencies as a whole. The enhance feature is the bomb! When you kick on the enhance button it takes over you EQ and adds a mid-range frequency scoop while giving you a bass and high end boost. As you turn the knob up the EQ sweep becomes more obvious.

    A feature this amp has that I've never seen in other amps is a clipping light/indicator for the EQ stage of the amp and the Power amp. This is a nice feature to have so that if you crank your EQ settings too high you can see if you are distorting your signal before the power amp. Having a clipping light at the power amp is great because clipping your power amp is not good for your speaker.

    Extra Features:
    The compressor is subtle and just enough to tame the bass. the DI in the back is always a great feature for live sound, the DI on the TN2251 has a switch that Pads the signal to the PA system. This switch is handy to have because for several shows my gain structure was to hot for the PA and I was clipping their gear, and all I have t do was hit that switch and he/she was able to work with my bass signal no problem after that.

    Th external speaker out is exactly like it sounds, it allows you to plug the TN2251 into a different external cab. I've plugged mine into my Eden D212XST with kickass results! It's a great objective assessment of how well the amplifier its self sounds. Through my larger cab it was just as punchy and warm as it sound by its self.
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Item Details

  1. Power:
    225 Watts
    -12" main bass speaker with a weezer cone
    -1" HF tweeter
    40 lb
    15 x 17 x 14 inches
    2 1/4" jacks one for passive and one for active basses, 1/8" aux in, effect return
    1 XLR D.I. , 1/4" Effects send, 1/8" out for head phones, 1/4" tuner out jack, 1/4" External speaker out
    EQ / Controls:
    Bass, Low Mid (30-300kHz), Hi Mid (200-2000 kHz), Treble
    -The Enhance feature is a custom EQ sweep that brings out the really warm lows and boost the high mids while cutting the low mids as you turn it up.
    -Built in compressor