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Electro-harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi

3/5, 3 from 1 review
Big Muff Pi optimized for bass. "The Prodigy reborn with underworld instincts comes to life wielding the drive of the original classic Big Muff Pi

Recent Reviews

  1. Miles_ONeal
    Big Muff Pi upgraded for the bass
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jan 11, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Does what it does quite well. Bass boost and dry switch positions improve on the original Muff.
    • - You can't have the dry mixed back in and the bass boost at the same time. Two switches would have been nice.
    • - It has started randomly feeding back when I would engage it with the footswitch
    NOTE: I originally gave this 5 stars, but after 2-3 years of light use, it started randomly feeding back when I would engage it with the footswitch.
    Note: This is not an overdrive or distortion pedal. It is a fuzz pedal! Different beast.

    Unlike passive bass and guitar tone controls, the tone control increases high end when turned up. The "bass boost" switch selection adds bottom end back in; this can provide the bass version of scooped mids, or just put some bottom end back on your fuzzy slap.
    The "dry" position on the switch mixes a set amount of your dry signal with the distorted output, which lets you tame the fuzz somewhat.
    If you want a fuzz for your bass, if you like the sound of a Big Muff Pi for guitar, this is a great deal for your bass.
    Price Paid:
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Item Details

  1. Pedal Type:
    1 9V
    Knobs: Volume, tone, sustain
    Switch: Dry (mix), normal, bass boost
    Red LED when effect engaged
    9VDCx100mA power supply connector
    Other Specs:
    True bypassBased on the Russian Big Muff
    Tough and compact die-cast chassis
    9-volt battery included

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