Electro-harmonix Canyon Delay And Looper

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  1. basslicks
    Quite possibly the coolest delay pedal I have ever seen!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 5, 2018
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    Quite possibly the coolest delay pedal I have ever seen! There are 10 different delays each with very unique characteristics and none of which feel unnecessary, from simple infinite repeats to very dreamy and shimmering effects. All of them are top quality and don’t sound cheap at all.

    One of the coolest features, though at times may seem gimmicky, is the option to go into ‘secondary’ mode simply by holding the tap/divide button. In this mode you can apply very interesting internal parameters to the effects using the delay and feedback knobs, creating a nearly infinite number of possibilities it seems, slight tweaks can greatly affect the sound. You can dial in some cool effects using the secondary mode but unless precisely tuned these effects can really go off the rails! (probably still useful for some musical styles).

    This pedal also features tap-tempo, simply by tapping your foot on the switch, or you can hook up an external pedal for tapping, that way you can create perfect subdivisions on the fly.

    Furthermore, this pedal features a simple looper where you can loop back a minute of playing. You can also overdub and what’s kinda nifty is that it will save your recording even if you completely disconnect the power.

    I think this thing was built primarily with guitars in mind but it works wonderfully for bass as well. It’s the type of pedal you can spend hours on and barely scratch the surface, there’s so much to explore!

    The biggest downside is that it’s a tough pedal to handle live. This is because there is no way to save presets and it’s pretty difficult to change effects precisely live. With a pedal like this that has an insane array of possibilities it would really benefit from having the ability to save a number of presets. I would gladly spend 3X the price of this pedal for a more advanced version that does this.

    At around $140 street price this is one of the best bangs for the buck in the effects world! This feels like a much more expensive pedal than that as so much is packed in this small real-estate forgiving package.
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    $180 MSRP can be found for around $140
    Ten delay effects, 60 second looper, tap tempo, secondary mode for adjusting internal delay parameters, compatible with external foot pedal for tap tempo.