EMG GZR-PJ "Geezer Buttler" Signature set.

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    P/J set
    Active or Passive:
    $149.00 List, $139.00 Retail
    Other Specs:
    Standard P and Hum-Canceling J.
    Complete Solderless Passive Wiring set included: Wires, Pots, Jack,etc

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  1. Manny Dylan
    "great tone!!!! but..."
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Completely solderless, great dynamics and pick sensitivity, easy install if done right and not in need of repair, GREAT SERVICE FROM EMG TO RESOLVE THESE ISSUES
    Cons - QC before shipping, you have to remove pickguard shielding(unconventional but made them work properly)
    Let me start by saying that the customer service that EMG provided was above and beyond all expectations I had. I was having an issue with the pick up not having any output when it was installed on the pickguard, this was a combination of the shielding still being on my pickguard, and a fault in the pickup, when I removed the shielding I got signal, but more hum then signal.

    I sent the pickguard with the pickups to the manufacturer, and not only did I get it within the week, I also got a replacement for the bridge grounding wire from the company.
    Once everything was reinstalled it sounded immense, and is probably my new favorite bass pick up for a p bass.
    Price Paid:
  2. Eilif
    "An Excellent set of Pickups and an Excellent value"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - -Great tone
    -Easy install
    -Great Price
    Cons - -Incorporating into a non-EMG electronics package requires modification
    -Customer has to cut their own pickup elevation foam
    I installed these on an ESP/LTD "Vintage 214 Fretless" bass. The stock pickups weren't bad, but these provided much more clarity and depth. Additionally, the GZR set gave much more differentiation between the P, J and P/J settings.

    The soloed P really nails the vintage P tone and the J brings in the highs that you just can't get from having just a mid-position pickup. The hum-canceling J is a touch darker sounding than a traditional single coil but that hasn't been a problem to my ears.

    Despite reading many reviews that said as much, I was really surprised at the classic nature of these pickups. EMG is not known for classic passive tones, but these pickups deliver just that. This is not a pickup set that strives to modernize or otherwise specialize the classic P and J tones. Rather it seems to delivers a very nice version of just what you'd think a classic P/J should sound like.

    The solder-less control package went in without a hitch. Note though that the sleeve and tip tabs on the picture are illustrated correctly, but pictured positioned reversed from the tabs on the actual jack. Swap the wire connections and you'll be fine.

    For those who are not going to use the supplied electronics package there may be a bit of additional work to figure out which contacts go where. That said, it shouldn't be too hard to integrate the GZR pickups into a standard soldered wiring scheme. The only other niggling point is that pre-cut pickup elevation foam is not included, but the customer is expected to cut their own from the high density packaging foam.

    Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this setup. I can't say for sure how it compares to other high-end P/J setups, but considering that it includes two great pickups and all the wiring components it's hard to imagine doing better for the same price.
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