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Epiphone Thunderbird Iv

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Epiphone version of the classic Gibson Thunderbird.
  1. Miles_ONeal
    The essential rock bass guitar
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 11, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + The sound of rock.
    • + Plays like a dream.
    • + Nothing else looks like it.
    • + Excellent, affordable quality!
    • - Slight neck dive
    • - Normally only available in sunburst and silver
    • - No short scale or 5 string variant in production
    • - Too long for most cases
    I have wanted a Thunderbird since I saw Leon Wilkeson play one on Skynyrd's first major tour opening for the Who in 1973. (John Entwhistle played one, too.)
    This most basic TBird is not the best slapper, and the bottom can be a tad muddy, but it will lay down some low end goodness so thick everyone will be on the floor, grooving their butts off.
    There is a little neck dive, but it's no big deal. This version has the upper strap button on the neck plate, which seems to help.
    I *love* the neck. I wish it came in a shorter scale because I have short fingers, but otherwise it's perfect. It fits my hands well and is easy to move around on. Off the rack, there was one spot that one string sounded just a bit dead on; that's a minor setup problem. (Kudos to the Round Rock Guitar Center for the setup!)
    Now if only I could get it in cherry red with gold pickups...
    Price Paid:
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    1. theFixer
      Hey Miles… the neck and body are mahogany on these TB IVs. Also, though the vast majority of them are sunburst… but black and white ones come to the surface every once in a while. Epi has also done a few limited edition runs over the years in some different colors. As a matter of fact… Larry V had a red one for sale recently. If you're interested… just ask him if "Dorothy" is still available.
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