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  • Pickup Type:
    Precision Bass split-coil
    Active or Passive:

Recent Reviews

  1. MovingPitchers
    "Punchy and growly; just what I want in a P-Bass!"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - - Fender sells them separately rather than you having to buy the Am. Std. just for the pickup.
    - Cloth-covered wiring makes it sturdy and unable to snap easily
    - Screws included.
    Cons - - Kind of expensive, but I've seen pricier.
    - Foam not high enough for my liking
    I've played around with many P-Bass pickups, from stock MIM to QPs, to AVRI'63s....but I can say the CS'62 pickup by Fender are my favourite sets.

    The output on the website says 6/4/6 (B/M/T), but I don't hear a loss or reduction in the mids. It's audible and gives the bass more punch. The lows are not lost while the highs are given a small boost so you can get some sick plectrum sounds or slapping tones.
    Price Paid:
    55 USD
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  1. Robert55
    i replaced the pick ups in my G & L LB-100 with these cs 62's very warm very clear not at all harsh ton's of clean bottom playing thru a GK 2x12 and MB LM using flats i would recommend them for blues R&B classic rock etc .......
  2. Crazy John
    I usually replace the Fender pups with QB's. When I got my A.S. the Custom Shops stayed on for quite a while. I put the QB's on for a few months and then went back to the Custom Shop pups.