Fender Mono Neon Jazz Bass V

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  1. Exo-Politician
    Killer Jazz! USA Quality and tone to boot!
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jun 6, 2023
    Build Quality:
    • + Beautiful Tone
    • + Silky smooth and lightning fast neck
    • + Colours are a dream come true
    • + Most complete player signature I've seen Fender do
    • - No Passive Tone Control
    • - Controls are an odd setup
    • - Stickers don't match Mono Neons
    Whilst some of Mono Neon's stuff I could do without. The stuff I love is just amazing and inspiring and is easily one of the best bassists I've ever heard.

    As soon as I saw the bass for the price I got it for, it was an instant purchase. Here is Australia, they retail for $1800-1900USD and I grabbed mine for $1300USD.

    It comes in a great quality Fender Gig Bag, better than most I've had before. The quality is straight out of the bag. The neck is smooth as silk, fretwork on mine was excellent but some have said theirs wasn't the best. Not a flaw at all on the finish.

    I had the benefit of having a flawless setup and was perfect to play as soon as I picked it up.

    The preamp sounds great and the passive mode is a perfect jazz tone, the lack of a Passive Tone control is a downer, but I can manage without.

    It comes with a pair of Mono Neon Stance socks and a sticker pack. I am still undecided on the stick pack but was a bit annoyed that the colours and number of stickers don't match Mono Neons bass.

    In regards to the colours, they are much brighter in person than in the stock photos.

    It's a dream to play. The top end is lacking. Some would call it lifeless, I feel it's just a bit mellow. I actually prefer it for my style of play. I could see some more slap oriented players not liking the tone.

    It comes with Nickel strings, so has a mellow tone in that as well compared to a stainless set, once again, suits me just fine.

    The B string is way better than I expected for a 34".

    The colours and the style is not for everyone, but if they are. This is an amazing Jazz fit to cover really anything with the preamp, pickups, silky neck and being a 5 string.

    I am an average player in terms of speed and dexterity and my hands just flew across the fretboard.

    All in all, just over the moon for this bass. Still can't decide on the stickers.
    Price Paid:
  2. bass6000
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Feb 15, 2023
    This review is a question for all professional and novice musicians. I want to hear options because we all have one. How would you handle this situation if someone who claims they are a bass tech changed your strings, which cost $41.00, and installed a Tone Monster Pre-Amp, which cost $128.00? My bass is a Marcus Miller 4-string Japan-made Fender. I understand that no one is perfect, so I’m not looking for perfectness. We can make mistakes and be an adult and offer corrective actions. Not including the parts: Sam Ash in New York, said that they would charge me $150.00 for labor costs. I want to know what you guys think.
      I prefer using independent guitar techs, luckily I found a good one 30 years ago & still using him. Setups tend to run around $50-you provided strings & changing out a preamp (bass already has enough room in the cavity ) shouldn’t be $100 but you are in New York & using a corporate store so not too surprised.

Bass Details

  1. No. of Frets:
    Active or Passive:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    Neck Material:
    roasted maple
    Body Finish:
    Neon yellow ,Orange pickguard and headstock
    Fender hi mass
    Fender humbuckers
    around 9pounds
    EQ / Controls:
    3 band 18volt eq
    Something about this bass drew me in aside from the day glo yellow and orange , i have been playing for some 52 years and have never been a Fender guy ,owned a precision for a short time when i was 17,neck was to big for me .Aside from looking like a jazz bass on acid ,there is not much standard Fender about it and to me thats a good thing ,hi mass bridge for great sustain , the pickups are newly designed Fender bass humbuckers powered by an 18 volt 3 band pre amp ,there is also a active/passive cut switch ,the array of sounds available on the bass is awesome and the neck plays like no Fender ive ever played ,slightly narrower string spacing at the bridge around 18mm maybee less i haven't measured it as well as a narrower what Fender calls modern c -shape ..the most comfortable Fender neck ive ever encountoured ,Its made in Mexico .If this is Fender's idea of a boutique jazz bass , i'd say they done quite well and at an affordable $1550 with a gig bag .Its the most tech savy bass ive ever seen out of Fender (though admittedly fender-mononeon-jazz-bass-v@2000x1500-1392x1044.jpg fender-mononeon-jazz-bass-v@2000x1500-1392x1044.jpg i may have missed a few?)
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