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G&L M2000

  • No. of Frets:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    Neck Material:
    Body Finish:
    cherry sunburst
    Nut Width:
    1.65 inches
    Fingerboard Material:
    G&L high mass
    MFD HB's
    EQ / Controls:
    3 band EQ/bass, mid treble. master volume/blend
    1350 Can


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  1. Kubicki Fan
    M 2500 owner here. You can mod the G&L to eliminate shortcomings vis. battery & string thru. Shortcomings, as compared to the Lakland, may seem less significant if viewed through the lens of "price"; since the M series doesn't seem so popular, sometimes one can negotiate for a deal.
    That the G&L hold its own against the Lakland (an awesome maker) says it all.

    Very good review BTW!!

    I forgot. The neck on my G&L: "quarter sawn sweetness" sums it up right.
  2. StringThing
    Played one. A friend was considering this or a Lakland 55-02. I LOVED this M bass... but when I put it up against the Lakeland 55-02 I noticed these differences in otherwise very similar sounding playing and looking instruments.... couldn't go wrong either way.

    first, the Lakland the only "perfect" playing bass I've ever owned. G&L in store needed a bit of a setup. I have no doubt it could be an exceptional player though.

    55-02 It's string through at 35". GL 34" no string through.

    It can switch humbucker and passive like (like the other GL model) and it sonically sounds good old school. That can save gig if battery dies and options if you want to use another Pre. The GL is 18 v. The lakland is 9v. GL takes a screwdriver to change battery. 2 to die too. Lakland is a tooless opening to change. I use High End rechargeable and swap a set before every show. would prove annoying and the screws would certainly eat the wood away. Not doing that means you don't know when it's going to die. and the 55-02 passive mode can move you along at a pull of a switch where GL is outta luck.

    Lakland has graphite support in neck. It also has hipshot tuners. Very cool. GL is quatersawn sweetness though.

    The 55-02 electronics are done in Chicago. It shares the same LH-3 electronics as the USA handmade model.

    The knobs are visible as to the settings on the Lakand. but not the GL cool chrome...

    The 55-02 can cover the the classic three pickup setting very convincingly... J, P and MM. By being able to split the Humbucker it does this better than the GL. Takes new strings for the MM sound though.

    Other than that very similar... but these are some subtle differences that may go unnoticed.
  3. Cleezmo
    Totally agree. I have an ash/maple M2000 and love it. I agree that the preamp is super useable and fairly transparent. This bass has the unusual ability to have a bit of grit/growl/edge to the tone, yet still have completely articulate note definition. Like all top-shelf instruments, it transmits its every little thing your fingers do to the amp, right now. I'll never sell mine.
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  4. joebar
    I bought this M2000 new for my birthday two months ago. I already knew the magic of the L2500 so I thought I would take a chance on an M.
    I was not disappointed-it may be the perfect bass for someone who-
    -leans towards the P side of tone
    -wants a powerful preamp but without sounding ultra modern.

    as good as the L is, it is more aggressive than the M; the M is more refined yet powerful. both are voiced P like.

    the M preamp is very simple and a time-proven formula. for an 18 volt preamp, it is remarkably organic. I bet G&L could sell a lot of these preamps in pedal form.

    the M series aren't a top seller for G&L for some reason; I think they are an excellent bass for someone who loves G&L, but maybe not an L or an SB-2 for pure aggression. the bass is clear yet full of tone. the preamp is one of the best sounding ones I have come across.

    I opted for empress body for the lightweight nature of it. G&L offers very light instruments for no extra charge when many builders charge huge premiums as the weight goes down.

    not a bad tone to be had in this bass; all settings are useable. perfect fretwork as per usual G&L standards.

    G&L's are usually the best kept secret in the bass world but the M2000 may be the best kept secret in the G&L catalog.