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Gallien-krueger Mb112-ii Combo Amp

3.9/5, 3.9 from 2 reviews
200W 1x12 Bass Combo Amp w/ 4-band Active EQ, Aux in, DI, and Chain Out
  1. lat
    Solid unit
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jan 18, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + good construction
    • + light weight
    • + good tone
    • - Can have a hard time with sub harmonics
    Great sound, reasonable price, light weight practice amp that you can gig with, to a point.
    Got this as an upgrade to an underpowered Peavey 112 combo that just wasn't cutting it. It has a very good tone and does everything I need as a practice amp. I have gigged with this numerous times, since it does have a DI out to feed FOH, and this worked well when I used my Peavey G-bass. But, when I used my Schecter ATX C-4, it had a hard time handling the lows coming out of that bass and would start farting. Now, this may just be my unit, that I bought used, but the difference between the two basses was clear. I have since gotten a full 4x10 cab with a separate head for gigs and relegated this to practice duty. Having said that, since there is a chain out on this unit, adding a 112MBP unit would provide much more volume and would likely solve the farting issue. Haven't tried this, but likely will if I encounter a mid-sized gig that calls for a setup like that.
    Price Paid:
    $400 CDN used.
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