Gator Extra-large Aluminum Pedalboard With Bag

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Straight forward BIG pedalboard
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  1. Kriegs
    Bulletproof workhorse of a pedalboard
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 16, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Size accommodates approximately 20 pedals
    • + Built like a tank
    • + Plenty of openings to accommodate any pedal configuration or cable routing needs
    • + Lots of room for power supplies and power cable routing to your mains
    • + Quality carrying bag makes for safe storage, carrying and use of your pedals
    • - Fully loaded weight isn't light (but that shouldn't be a surpise!)
    I am tough on gear and I expect a lot from it. I play guitar and bass and tour with both so I don't want to have multiple copies of pedals or several boards to contend with. I have bought owned, tried and gotten rid of Mono, Pedaltrain, Voodoo Labs, SKB and several custom built boards. None of them were quite what I needed:
    • Not big enough to hold amount the pedals that I use
    • Not big enough (or shaped correctly) to handle the layout that I prefer
    • Not durable enough to handle the day to day loading/ unloading/ use/ abuse of rehearsal & road use.
    • Not robust enough to handle the power supplies that I need for the various pedals
    Enter the Gator Extra Large and all of those problems just vanished! It allows me to have all the pedals I want AND it has room for my drum machine/ metronome & little Peavey headphone amp so that I can practice with a full board setup anywhere!
    I have a huge Walrus Audio Phoenix power supply and the Gator not only handles it but you'd never know that there is a huge 15 output PS under there BUT also a large surge suppressor with wall warts for the pedals that require specialized power supplies. With other pedalboards, I had to engineer ways to handle/ hide and protect the power portion of my set up. The Gator pedalboard and the included carrying bag take care of all of those concerns and let me do what I need to: load in quickly, keep all my gear safe and ready for immediate use, provides ease of access and a speedy exit at the end of the show!
    Price Paid:
    $199.99 (USD)

Item Details

  1. Price:
    $199.99 (USD)
    - Durable yet lightweight aluminum pedalboard
    - Universal mounting bracket accommodates your stompboxes and power supplies
    - Angled for easy access to your pedals
    - Cable-routing perforations for routing your signal and power cables
    - No-slip rubber feet for stability
    - Deluxe polyethylene-reinforced carry bag and removable shoulder strap
    - Accommodates ~ 20 Pedals
    - Large Rear Access Holes for Power Cable Routing
    Other Specs:
    31" wide x 17" deep x 4.5" high
    18 lbs (with bag)
    The Gator GPB-XBAK-1 pedalboard is built from durable yet supremely lightweight aluminum. This pedalboard includes a universal mounting bracket to accommodate your favorite stompboxes and power supplies and is angled for easy access. Routing your cables is a piece of cake, thanks to cable-routing perforations. Rubber feet keep the GPB-XBAK-1 from sliding around. It also includes adhesive hook-and-loop strips for keeping your pedals in their place. Comes with a deluxe polyethylene-reinforced carry bag and removable shoulder strap.