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  • Batteries:
    Comes with 9V Daisy Chain
    28.5 x 11
    USA-made rigid polyethylene pedalboard
    Can accommodate up to 10 stompboxes
    Ergo-friendly arched shape
    2 larger surfaces for wah and volume type pedals
    9v daisy chain power supply
    Hook and loop angled surface for pedal mounting
    Convenient wheeled carrying case included

Recent Reviews

  1. Goad
    "10 pedals can fit, if they're not plugged in..."
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Well built, comes with velcro strips and a daisy chain so you can throw the whole thing (pedals and all) into the bag and wheel it to the gig. Great for someone with a simple rig and 5-7 pedals.
    Cons - You can't comfortably fit 10 pedals on this as described.
    as you can see, the picture they post of the item has pedals neatly aligned on the board. When you see my photo, I start to connect them (from right to left) and things don't line up so well. Granted, I count my EHX as 2 pedals and probably could use better pedal/pedal connectors. This comes with a nice heavy duty bag with an external pouch. Velcro strips and a 9V daisy chain power supply. If you keep things simple and have 5 pedals, a volume and a wah, then this thing is for you!! I love the curve of it and the construction can take a beating!!
    Price Paid:
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