Genzler Magellan 800 and 210-3 Bass Array

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Genzler Magellan 800 head paired with a Genzler Bass Array 210-3

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  1. abngourmet
    Genzler Magellan 800 and Bass Array 210-3
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 1, 2017
    Build Quality:
    • + Lightweight, deep lows, punchy mids, crisp highs. Lightweight. Two channels (clean/OD), parametric EQ, extremely quiet, no tweeter hiss, doesn't color the tone - what you put into it you get out of it.
    • - None
    Jeff Genzler has really nailed it with this amp/cab. It's got it all for me - light, punchy, crisp, versatile. What I like most is that it doesn't color the sound of whatever bass you plug into it - what you put into it is exactly what you get out of it.

    And it is incredibly quiet. I mean dead quiet, no hiss, no hum.

    Build quality is top rate. I could not find a single flaw either with the cabinet or head.

    I would be happy to take this rig on small or big gigs - it's that good.
    Price Paid:
    For the head, about $650, used. For the cab, $780 used, but in absolute mint condition.
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Item Details

  1. Power:
    400W at 8 ohms; 800 at 2.67 or 4 ohms
    Genzler Bass Array 210-3
    Cabinet: 38 lbs. Amp: 6.25 lbs.
    Magellan 800 Dimensions: 3”H X 11.25”W X 10.5”D (76.2mm H x 285.75mm W x 266.7mm D); Genzler Bass Arra 210-3: 16" X 18" X 23"
    Four ... two 1/4" jacks, and two Speakaon
    EQ / Controls:
    MAGELLAN 800

    Model #: MG-800
    Price: $759.00
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    PREAMP – dual channel, all solid state analog design with integrated soft clip circuitry.

    INPUT– 1Meg ohm input impedance
    INPUT PAD SWITCH – attenuation of -8.5dB
    CLEAN CHANNEL OVERVIEW – Voiced to provide natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument.
    DRIVE CHANNEL OVERVIEW – Voiced to provide a more “driven” tonal signature and harmonic content along with a softer top end and more relaxed low frequency response.
    CONTOUR -- continuously variable control of 2 vastly different response curves. In either CURVE position, when the SHAPE control is all the way off (CCW) the response curve is completely FLAT.
    Curve A (Blue) -- a variable pre-shaped curve that boosts lows and highs while simultaneously cutting mids. The slopes are fairly gentle which keep the tone shaping very musical. This curve covers a wide range of sounds from flat to classic to modern depending on the position of the SHAPE control.
    Curve B (Amber) -- a variable pre-shaped curve with attenuated high mids and highs, a low mid bump, and a slight roll-off of the lowest bass frequencies. Again, the slopes are fairly gentle which keep the tone shaping very musical. This curve is intended to provide sounds in the range of vintage amps and vintage cabinets that do not have tweeters.
    ACTIVE EQUALIZATION – The MAGELLAN™ 800 contains an active 3 band equalizer with a sweepable parametric mid-range frequency control.
    Bass +/- 15dB boost/cut shelving curve with a corner frequency of 75Hz
    Mid +/- 15dB boost/cut of the variable mid frequency selected
    Freq Variable mid frequency from 150Hz-3kHz
    Treble +/- 15dB boost/cut shelving curve with a corner frequency of 6kHz

    POWER AMP – The MAGELLAN™ 800 uses a state of the art, class D power amplifier design and a high frequency auto-sensing universal switch-mode power supply (SMPS) to achieve unprecedented high performance and lightweight packaging. There are no Voltage Switches to change or jumpers to move. This SMPS senses the line voltage from 100-240 Volts and automatically configures itself.


    XLR Direct Output –
    Mic / Line Switch
    Pre / Post EQ Switch
    Ground Lift Switch
    Effects Loop
    Aux Input
    Tuner Output
    Head Phones
    Foot Switch -- Channel switching (Foot switch not included)
    Dual Speakon® Speaker Outputs

    Power Output: 400W/8 Ohms, 800W/4 Ohms and 800W/2.67 Ohms
    Minimum Speaker Load: 2.67 Ohms
    Operating Power condition: 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions: 3”H X 11.25”W X 10.5”D (76.2mm H x 285.75mm W x 266.7mm D)
    Weight: 6.25 LBS (2.83Kg)

    Dimensions: 16.5”L x 13”D x 5.75”H (419.1mm x 330.2mm x 146.02mm)
    Weight: 9 LBS (4.08 Kg)
    Magellan 800, $759; BA 210-3 $1069