George L's Cable And Connectors

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Solderless Cable Kit for Creating Custom Cable Lengths for a Pedal Board or Rackmount Gear

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  1. Kriegs
    Noiseless signal chain and a neat pedalboard!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 17, 2018
    Build Quality:
    • + Easy to assmble
    • + Easy to take apart for re-use
    • + Completely modular - buy only what you need
    • + Prevents unwanted noise from getting into your signal chain
    • + 100% customizable for any need and configuration
    • - Not inexpensive (nothing good ever is)
    • - Not for those looking for simple plug and play
    We've all been there, we plug in, turn on and run away from our amp for fear that we'll go deaf from the feedback.
    Before my signal even hits my amp, it runs through as many as 12 pedals and 1 preamp. That's a lot of cable for a signal to travel through and not get mangled, munged and mutilated.

    There is nothing wrong with store bought patch cords but once you get past a certain point with them, you're just introducing more and more noise into your signal chain.

    Enter the George L line of cables and connectors. The cables are very low capacitance and the solderless plugs provide a quiet and compact connection. The beauty of the system is that you can create tiny little connectors to fit between to pedals sitting side by side or full length cables for you send and return loops if you choose/ need to. Either way, your signal chain will remain quiet and that's the end goal: to only hear the notes and tones that we choose to, not the latest scores of the big game coming in over the air via some cable hidden in a nest of cheap, bulky patch cables.

    The solderless connectors utilize a simple screw on cap to both secure and self tap into the cable through the shielding. All you have to be concerned with is measuring twice and cutting once ;) After you've screwed the connector together, you slide the supplied plastic insulating cap/ sleeve over the connector and plug and play! It's that easy to have a quiet signal chain :thumbsup:
    Price Paid:
    $7.99 (USD) and up

Item Details

  1. Price:
    $7.95 (USD) and up
    - Low capacitance co-ax cable
    - Solderless plugs
    - Lifetime warranty
    Other Specs:
    Straight connectors
    Right angle connectors
    Nickel and Gold colored hardware available
    .155" diameter cable comes in black or blue
    Pedals are cool. We all love pedals, but we hate losing tone. George L's Effects Cable Kit give you high-end cable and solderless plugs to create the perfect pedalboard. You can lose tone and signal with each cable length, not to mention pedals, but thanks to George L's you can create the perfect cable setup for your pedalboard. The shorter the cable run the better, this cable kit provides 10' of cable and 10 solderless connectors so you can create the exact length of cable you need to keep signal runs short and your pedalboard clean.

    Quality sound
    One of the most over-looked ways to increase your sound quality is with better cables. Remember your signal chain is only as good as the weakest link. George L's Guitar Cables use high-end cables and connectors to create the best signal possible. George L's cables will even help reduce unwanted hum and noise in your signal chain.

    Low capacitance cable
    George L's uses low capacitance co-ax cable, this gives them as clear and uncolored a sound as possible. The higher the capacitance of a cable the more it gives you a muddy sound by killing your highs. We've all plugged into cable that have sounded muddy and nasty, George L's guitar cable ensure that you won't have that problem again. Keep the signal chain as short and as clean as possible with the George L's Effects Cable Kit.

    Solderless plugs
    No mess, no fuss, George L's Effects Cable Kit is fast and easy to use. You'll love the solderless plugs when creating your cables. Just slip the cable into the plug, screw down the end cap, and you're done! Yep, it is that easy. No more soldering iron, flux, nasty smelling smoke, or burning yourself. This kit is so easy to use you can do it at the gig.