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Glarry 30in Gb Electric Bass Guitar Short Scale Burlywood

2/5, 2 from 1 review
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  1. JC BASS 91
    Well, that was totally underwhelming...
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Nov 17, 2022
    Build Quality:
    • + Low price
    • + Very nice natural poly, high gloss finish on the body
    • + Almost a natural, bare wood finish on neck and fretboard
    • - Poor assembly
    • - Poor quality control
    • - Accessories are junk
    I ordered this because I had been wanting to get my hands on a used Squier Bronco bass, but couldn't find one that was priced right, as everyone was trying to get 'new' pricing on a well worn, used bass. I stumbled across this bass and figured I would give it a go.

    When it arrived, I thought it looked fairly decent, but then I tried to plug it in and the jack fell inside the body.

    I started pulling the pickguard screws out, only to find that most of them were already stripped out, and one of them was SUPER long, like a bridge screw, not a pickguard screw.

    I got the jack issue resolved and plugged in, only to find that the E-string volume was about half the other strings because the pickup was not centered properly. This was due to a combination of factors, including how the pickguard was cut, the positioning of the pickguard, and the bridge being mounted crooked on the bass.

    I left an honest review on their website and ended up getting a $15 partial refund, so I am only in the bass for $95. So customer service is top notch!

    However, all that said, out of the box, this bass is barely usable, and not anything that someone would want to use as a beginner instrument.

    I bought it with the intent of using it as a mod platform. The body and neck are more than sufficient for my plans. I chucked the bridge, all the electronics and the pickguard and will replace everything but the neck, body and tuning machines.

    It came with a bag, a strap and a cord...all of which were hardly deserving of the names. They all went in the trash because that's what they were.

    For $95, I got what I paid for.
    Price Paid:
    $94.99 USD after partial refund
    JC BASS 91
    JC BASS 91
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