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Hartke HA2500

  • Power:
    Passive Input, -10db Padded Active Inpit
    XLR, Dual Speaker, Effects Loop
    EQ / Controls:
    Graphic EQ, High/Low Pass Filter,

User Comments

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  1. faceless_master
    This is an ok head, and decent as a first step up from practice combos. I'm running mine into an Acoustic B115. Sound is good, if a little sterile. Graphic EQ is very effective.

    Power-wise it keeps up at jams, but doesn't seem to like being pushed.

    Mine has had several problems with shorts in the past, but the company has been very good about servicing the unit at no charge. But now that the problems are cropping up again (a partial short in the passive input this time), I'm looking to upgrade to a Fender Rumble 500 instead of fixing it yet again, as I want something more reliable with more power and personality.