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Henretta Six Speed

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custom multi-effects unit
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  1. roller
    Henretta Six Speed - FANTASTIC! GET YOURSELF ONE!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 4, 2017
    Build Quality:
    • + Fantastic sound, extremely well-built, completely custom based on what you want, Kevin Henretta is a pleasure to work with
    If you're looking for a fabulous-sounding multi-effects unit that's easy to use and custom-constructed to your very own needs, a Henretta Engineering's Six Speed should be in your future!

    The Six Speed unit incorporates six of Kevin Henretta's well-known and ultra-simplistic, two-inch x two-inch effect pedals under one master housing. His true bypass effects are often only fitted with a single control knob, an on/off foot switch and an LED on the outside with the controls needing for fine tuning mounted inside (think: ease of use in the field). I applaud this approach as it's just an easy, smart way to go. For most of us, once we have an effects set to our liking, how often are we going to need to make heavy adjustments?

    Kevin engineers his creations purely on what his customers ask for... so if you're wondering if he can craft what you've been thinking about, just ask him. In addition to the Six Speeds, Kevin builds units that house two, three, four, eight or even more of his effects. If you can dream it, Kevin can build it.

    Kevin and I worked through all aspects of the layout, design and payment of my Six Speed through e-mail. I found him to be a real pleasure and an incredibly classy guy to work with.

    I opted for the following effects:

    - octave up/down
    - envelope filter (Green Zapper)
    - preamp (Emerald Prince)
    - compressor (Orange Whip)
    - phaser (Golden Years)
    - fuzz/dirt/overdrive (Choad Blaster)

    Additionally, I requested a buffer which helps maintain the signal if I should ever find myself connecting long cables and/or additional true bypass effects.

    Hands down, my favorite effect in my Six Speed is the Emerald Prince. Similar to the prized preamp portion from the vintage Echoplex EP-3 tape delay, it makes whatever you're running through it sound better, richer, fuller and sharper. Bottom line: if my Six Speed is powered up, the Emerald Prince is engaged.

    Finishing a close second in the "dang, that's a cool effect!" category is the Choad Blaster, which is mix of every imaginable shade of fuzz, dirt or overdrive you can dream up. With controls for both the low-end and high-end fuzz levels, Kevin also offers up a master tone and master volume for the knob-happy toneseeker. While multiple knobs goes against the Henretta "tiny pedal mantra," being able to tweak the Choad in every which way is a pure joy (and can be quite addictive!)

    The other effects in my Six Speed all get a huge thumbs up... no duds in there whatsoever. And if there's any testament to the versatility and strength of Henretta's products, allow me to add that I continue to alternate the use my Six Speed between electric bass AND electric guitar... and all of the effects are delicious and effective in both scenarios. Feel free to refer to Henretta Engineering's website for details on those as well as all the others that are available.

    Feel free to reach out to me for any questions. I don't work for Kevin but am happy to help you.
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    1. Fred Fratto
      I would like to get his contact info as I am seriously considering updating my F/X by Christmas this year - please help, thanks !

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  1. Batteries:
    N/A (adapter only)
    octave (up + down), envelope filter, preamp, compressor, phaser, fuzz/dirt/drive
    Other Specs:
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