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Hipshot Ultralight Hb6y 3/8" Tuners

Ultralight tuners

Item Details

  1. Price:
    light weight tuners, 20:1 ratio
    Other Specs:
    satin chrome finish
    I bought these to replace the Gotoh GB707 tuners on my Zon Legacy Elite 6.

    I weighed each tuner with my wife's digital baking scale. The GB7's were 64g each and the Ultralights were 44g each. That is 20g savings per tuner! All together on my six I saved 120g or 4.230z (over a third of a pound!). That is the difference between a four string and a 6 string. Completely worth it.
    Fit and finish is as to be expected. I can see why these are standard on MTD and Sadowsky basses.

    No change in tone really. There seems to be a little something extra/special/different acoustically, but that is probably just in my head because I am so happy with them!

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