keith rosier
keith rosier

Hiwatt Bulldog 440 Watt Bass Head

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Rock tone from a modern, solid-state Hiwatt Head
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  1. keith rosier
    Solid state rock tone from Hiwatt
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 23, 2020
    Build Quality:
    • + Tone
    • - Weight
    I came across this solid state 440 watt Hiwatt Bulldog head for 349.00 US new, and gave it a try. I'm surprised at how nice this head is for so little money. Out of the box it weighs 39 lbs, so it's not a Class D amp. It's an old school solid state design with heavier components. It looks great, and reminds me of the British bands that used Hiwatt rigs. Tone-wise, set flat, it's the opposite of a funk amp. No scooped mids or glassy highs---although I'm sure the tone can be adjusted for funk. You can get a bit of grunt going by raising the input gain past noon. I like the extended range of the treble control because it also affects the clarity of the lower register notes. I set the treble control to 3 o'clock or so. Bump the bass control just a bit and you have a good all-round tone. I sometimes kick in the 7-band graphic and bring up 1khz to speak better in the mix or to lower 250hz for a cab that peaks too much in that range. It has front and rear aux inputs for practicing with tracks. The headphone jack mutes the speaker output and has plenty of gain via the master control. The switchable limiter isn't adjustable, and I find it too heavy handed for me; for slappers it may be fine. Compared with my TC head, the Bulldog 440 can be set to sound a little uglier, which I like, and helps the bass cut through in the mix. It sounds good thru different cab types. I didn't hear it struggling at all into a 4-ohm cab with a full band at an outdoor concert. It also didn't compress the overall tone like my TC head did when comparing them at the same concert. For pedalboards I think sending the rear line out jack to an effect and then routing back into the rear aux in would probably work as an effects loop. Rear XLR out is pre only with no post setting offered. If you don't mind the weight of this head it's a no-brainer considering the quality tone for a very good price at 349.00 new. I also like the tone of the preamp when practicing with tracks and using headphones. 440 watts with a beefy tone --a winner for me.
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Head Details

  1. 440 watt @4ohms
    Gain control w/pull mute
    1 input jack with passive/active switching
    2 line in jacks (front 1/8" and back 1/4") for playing along with devices
    1 line out jack in the rear
    2 speaker jacks
    Bass and treble controls w/ boost or cut
    7-band graphic eq with switch
    Limiter switch
    Headphone 1/4" jack -speaker defeating
    Master volume control bulldog-440-head-front.31321f90.png

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