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  • No. of Frets:
    Scale Length:
    No. of Strings:
    Body Material:
    Neck Material:
    Five-piece jabota / bubinga
    Body Finish:
    Plain wood (No gloss)
    Nut Width:
    Fingerboard Material:
    Accu-Cast B20
    Bartolini MK1-4 neck and bridge
    7lbs / 12oz
    EQ / Controls:
    Volume, Bass, Balance, Mid, Treble, Mid Shift Switch

Recent Reviews

  1. KickingBass
    "Great basses for the price"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Very ergonomic lightweight body and thin fast neck.
    Cons - The finish can be easily damaged and the tone can be too bright or too muddy if you don't EQ just right.
    I have the poplar burl 5 string version of this bass and it is excellent. These basses are incredible for the price especially if you can get one used. The B string is nice and not too loose or uncomfortable. The finish on these basses is very thin and they can quickly be worn down to show the unfinished wood under. I don't mind a little belt buckle rash as I plan on keeping this bass for a good while so it depends on your tastes. This is the type of bass I think could benefit from a pickup swap. While the bass is very ergonomic (lightweight, fast neck, slim body) it also can be very bright when the treble is left at 12 o clock so I recommend lowering the treble substantially. The problem is that if you're not careful with your EQ you could end up making the bass sound too muddy and the notes will be indistinct. Some cheaper models of SR basses have been known to have bridge issues where the bridge will not hold strings correctly. I have not noticed this problem in my bass though I did have that problem with an SR305. The toggle switch is a mid frequency switch that changes the mids from 250 hz to 600hz I believe. Overall a fantastic bass that I have used for hard rock/ alt. metal and church as well. If you want a lightweight bass that gives a deep warm or bright snappy sound, this is your bass for basically any style of music.

    Edit: Since first writing this review I have noticed that the bridge is starting to develop the bending problem I wrote about in my original review. This is apparently a common problem in Ibanez SR basses and sort of a "hidden cost" in owning one. Try to contact Ibanez about it or if you have a warranty you should be fine. I contacted Ibanez and they actually sent me a new bridge for free, I wasnt even the original owner. The replacement bridges should be sturdier. That being said, these basses are so fantastic in terms of playability and feel that despite having had this bridge problem twice, I would still buy another SR in the future.
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  1. Daniel Roos
    Great bass for the money. The finish is sub standard. Expect it to look like a vintage bass after a few years. The quality is poor but the playability and sound are top notch IMHO.
  2. 1960sBassPlayer
    Amen bro' and the SR1400 is worth every penny as a step up!
  3. Bassmaticmatt
    I played one of these from 2009-2014 in my former band. We giged all over dfw in that five years. This bass always was ready to go it is a workhorse. Super fast to play great tone. Had to pawn it in a pinch and lost it now I'm sad.
    I got it back and I'm happy
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  4. rallen
    I have the 4 string version of this bass. Kickingbass did a great review, so I won't repeat what he has already stated. There are a couple of things that I would add regarding the SR 500. First, the weight stated on the stats given above is way off; at least based on my guitar's weight. Mine weighs 7 pounds 12 ounces. I have a couple of friends with this bass and their basses all are under 8 pounds. Second, I have two other (lower priced) Ibanez basses that are older models. I haven't had any issues with the bridges. If the bridges are an issue, I guess that I've had good luck with mine! I agree with Kickingbass regarding the treble EQ. I leave mine adjusted way down and can compensate for it by making some minor adjustments on my amp. I love the neck on this bass! Can't ever decide which is my favorite, the SR 500 neck or my Fender Aerodyne.
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  5. PeteBass51
    Picked one up at GC. So light and easy to play. Instantly became my main player.
  6. Old man
    Pick one of these up in a Guitar Center and could hardly put it down. it just felt very good and nearly played itself right off the rack. I was not there to buy anything that day so I hung it back up and it has been on my mind ever since.
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    1. Hop Jam
      Same thing happened to me. Walked into GC, picked it up on a whim and took it home. Mine now has a new nut and piccolo strings and is thus kind of a specialty bass for me.
      Hop Jam, Feb 15, 2017
  7. Mediocrity Man
    Great bass for the money. Could not find the tone I was looking for but that's a personal thing. The fret edges were a little sharp but everything else was nicely crafted.