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Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer

Average User Rating:
  • Pedal Type:
    Tube Screamer
    1 lb
    6 x 2 x 3
    Drive, Mix, Level, Bass, Treble
    Ibanez TS9B.jpg

Recent User Reviews

  1. brumebat
    "Tube Screamer for Bass"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Adds nice mids for presence in the mix
    Bass and treble knobs are musical
    Mix knob is a great feature for blending clean signal and mid control
    Nice size
    Great build and aesthetic
    Cons - None

    Note: It seems to do what a tube screamer is supposed to do. If you want a transparent overdrive or don't want at least a somewhat mid-heavy sound, then this isn't for you.
    It may not necessarily sound good on its own, but in the mix it really shines. It adds just the right midrange that I was looking for. Somewhere around the 500-625hz range, I guess (My Peavey T-Max has a 625hz slider that sounds fairly similar). The T-Max also has a tube in it, if that makes a difference. I use it with the drive all the way down, as it is an always-on pedal for me. I do like the sound of the overdrive, but for some parts I need my signal clean (and I’m already good on dirt pedals). The mix knob, in addition to blending, also seems to add more mids as it is turned up. This must be why the mix and drive knob interact with each other in different ways. I’ve been liking it at noon, as at full it seems just a bit too honky. Even though it doesn’t have any low end loss with the low knob at noon, I’ve found myself cranking the lows because the lows/low mids added are very tight. I also crank the highs, because they add just a nice bit of high end clank. If this pedal doesn’t help you nail the Geezer Butler sound, it will at least get you a lot closer. I decided to finally get this despite some of the naysayers here on TB, and it paid off.
    Price Paid:

User Comments

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  1. Humbucker3
    I love these things. I have the Turbo version. It gives bass a lift and to extreme-a beautiful distortion. I learned that even jazz bebop guitarists use this to beef up their Gibsons. Overdrive also acts to compress. My other desert island pedal is the MXR M87 bass compressor.
    I was once in a power trio with a brilliant lead guitarist who also had a doctorate in Mathematics. He loved the Tube Screamer. All his gear was military spec quality- and sound.