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Joyo Jf-327 Raptor Flanger

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  1. Dan B
    Cheap, analog, sturdy; what more could one ask for?
    4.75/5, 4.75 out of 5, reviewed Apr 11, 2021
    Build Quality:
    • + Very affordable and analog
    • + Clone of the venerable Ibanez FL9
    • + Plastic cover protects your knobs from being moved or damaged
    • - Small form factor means it cannot take batteries; requires external power
    • - Knobs are very small and feel somewhat on the cheap side
    • - Power input is on the side of the pedal rather than the top
    As far as budget effects brands go, Joyo is one of the better ones. In general their pedals feel solidly built and are well priced, and the JF-327 Raptor Flanger is no exception. Part of Joyo's Ironman series of small form factor pedals, the JF-327 is an analog bucket-brigade-delay flanger that feels sturdy, sounds great (and a lot like three very well known flangers from the 90s), and is easy to use.

    Construction is great. The pedal casing feels solid and the cover for the knobs is a great touch. This is something that I wish more pedal manufacturers did, as it's annoying to reset pedals should they get moved in transportation or while playing, or worse yet, having the knobs get (at the very worst irreparable) damaged. On the subject of knobs I do think they feel somewhat cheap compared to say, what Boss uses for their pots and knobs, but they aren't the worst and they don't move around too easily even with the cover opened. The small form factor is great as well, as one can fit it anywhere on one's pedalboard without many issues. One caveat to this form factor is that it cannot take batteries. External power, either through a power supply or through an AC adapter, must be used. The placement of the power input is also rather dumb as it is on the side of the pedal and not the top like the majority of other pedals on the market. I really dislike it when manufacturers do this as it forces you to use an angled power jack rather than a straight one; I understand this isn't a concern for most but it is something to consider when laying out your pedalboard.

    Soundwise, this pedal is a clone of the Ibanez FL9. Controls are Regen, Width, Delay, and Speed, though in a different layout compared to the FL-9 and DOD FX-75B (which shares the same controls as the FL9), which this pedal replaced. Like the FX-75B (which I have experience with; I do not own an FL9 to compare), while this pedal can get whooshy and "jet-plane" like, it can also get syrupy and metallic at the same time. For metal players who want something a bit edgier, the JF-327 is a great choice. It works especially well within the effects loop of an amp (or DI if that is applicable), where it can sit alongside a distorted tone and not get lost. Throw it directly after distortion and you get a cutting, ripping noise that gives the same vibe as one tearing a metal sheet in half. Some might see the JF-327 as "cold" or "sterile"; personally I see that as a plus.

    As stated, this is a clone of the long discontinued Ibanez FL9 (though Ibanez does make a mini Flanger and Maxon still produces the Vintage Jet Riser at an eye watering $400). While some people might balk at the idea of a clone, this pedal is much more affordable than the parent pedals it is based off and much more readily available.

    Ultimately, if you want a great flanger for not much this is the pedal to go with. I know there are cheaper pedals, including from Joyo themselves. Joyo has the cheaper JF-07 classic flanger which shares the same controls as the JF-327 but in a larger format, and I am sure there are even cheaper pedals that can be found on Amazon and Reverb. The JF-327 though wins out on those due to its size and sturdiness, and with that, has earned a permanent slot on my board.
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Item Details

  1. Pedal Type:
    n/a; does not take batteries. Requires 9V DC connection
    EQ / Controls:
    Delay: sets delay time, which then controls phase shifting
    Speed: sets the speed of the flanger
    Width: sets the range through which the delay time will vary
    Regen: adjusts the height of the comb filter peaks by controlling feedback through the delay circuitry

    (Documentation from thepedalfile.com regarding the DOD FX-75B; though this pedal is a clone of the Ibanez FL-9, both the FL-9 and this pedal share the same controls and react very similarly).
    Analog bucket-brigade flanger
    Features a plastic cover that folds on top of the controls so the controls don't get inadvertently moved
    Ultra small form factor means it does not take much space
    Other Specs:
    Requires an external power source (either through an AC adapter or through a power supply). This pedal has no space for batteries due to the form factor.
    Flanger from Joyo's Ironman series of pedals. Circuitry is cloned from the Ibanez FL-9, and shares the same controls as the original pedal.

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