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  • Power:
    30 watts into 16 ohms
    2 8 ohm Jensen C10P or C10Q (10" ceramic) in series
    46 lbs
    31.5x16x10 (inches)
    2 (identical, not high/lo)
    EQ / Controls:
    Left to Right: loudness, treble, bass, power/polarity
    Other Specs:
    10 foot power cord, 2 prong plug

Recent Reviews

  1. Miles_ONeal
    "Simple, clean, old-school practice amp for bass"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Pretty good tonal range. Surprising bass for a 50 year old 2x10 cab and small amp. Simple, well thought out circuit. Built like a rock. Top and side handles.
    Cons - Two wire power cord; you should have it replaced with a three wire cord and grounded plug. Heavy. Less common tubes (6EU7 and 7591).
    It does what you need a practice amp to do. It's great for practicing by yourself or with others playing acoustic. If they're playing electric, they'll need to keep the volume down or the bass will disappear. But that's true of any low wattage bass amp. It could have a bit more low end, but not a lot more at this wattage.
    There's plenty of clean headroom; I can run a booster and get double the normal max volume and it's still clean. The transformers are more than adequate.
    The wiring is simpler than on the models with the flip-top controls; this is only an issue if you replace the power cord.
    If it's what's available, or you just love tubes (I do), it's a great practice amp, but it's no frills. There's no DI or speaker output, and it's fairly heavy, so it's not what you want for a small gigging amp.
    Price Paid:
    $125 (used)


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